Spring 2002 Forward to a Friend

Photo by Ian Dawson

The January issue of Automobile Magazine stated that “The WRX not only stands toe-to-toe with much pricier German cars, but it establishes itself as a new performance icon.”

“This car … is the best performance bargain in the land. With its potent turbo engine, all-wheel-drive chassis, and rally-car feel, the WRX provides a uniquely engaging driving experience, even in the firmament of performance cars. The concept has been years in the making, but it’s new to American drivers, and they’ll find it an absolute blast. With its utter livability and affordability, it democratizes high-performance cars for a whole new class of drivers. It’s this year’s breakthrough car.”

The WRX also received a “10 Best” award for 2002 from Car and Driver magazine and the WRX Sport Wagon was named 2002 “Best in Class Minivan/Station Wagon” by American Woman Road & Travel magazine.