Fall 2002 Forward to a Friend

is a company-wide, customer-focused corporate philosophy that puts the Subaru customer first in all decisions and actions. This perspective affects all of the company?s programs, including vehicle design and engineering, product quality, the improvement of the dealership environment, employee training, customer service and overall vehicle sales and service.

For most people, their personal vehicle is their second greatest capital expenditure, after the cost of their home. It makes sense to protect this investment so you can enjoy years of trouble-free performance. It’s also good business, since a record of proper maintenance can give you an edge at trade-in or resale time.

As an owner, you have a responsibility to follow the maintenance schedules in your Subaru Owner’s Manual and to act on any unexpected service issues that arise. Your Subaru dealer is responsible for meeting your maintenance and service needs. In turn, the dealership is supported by the full commitment and expertise of Subaru of America, Inc. in providing genuine Subaru parts, specialized training, technical service and the resources to keep you on the road, worry-free.

Every Subaru model has a well-deserved reputation for durability and reliability. It’s our passion to deliver the performance, engineering and advanced features that you expect from Subaru. However, no one can expect complex mechanisms to run forever without attention. Owner, dealer and manufacturer all share the responsibility to keep vehicles running at peak efficiency and performance. The extra efforts we at Subaru make to help you meet your responsibility are key elements of The Subaru Difference.

October is National Car Care Month

October has been designated National Car Care Month, a time used to remind motorists nationwide of the benefits of preventive automotive maintenance. This is an annual event, sponsored by businesses, civic groups, the government and news media, and spurred by studies, which found that more than 80 percent of vehicles inspected needed repair or maintenance. Problems included such potential dangers as worn or damaged drive belts, inadequate cooling system freeze protection, low or dirty oil and clogged air filters. Not the way to drive into winter!


Roadblocks to a good service experience often come from misunderstandings that occur when describing the noises, smells, observations or movements that are not normal in the operation of your vehicle. For a checklist of symptoms and definitions that will help you communicate better with your Subaru Service Advisor, click here.

Subaru of America supports National Car Care Month, and many Subaru dealers will be holding Service Clinics during October. These clinics provide great opportunities not only to have your vehicle’s safety and maintenance items inspected, but also to learn tips and techniques you can use to help spot or prevent trouble. Check your dealer’s Service Department for dates and times. You can also go to www.subaru.com under “Subaru Owners” for more vehicle care tips.

Subaru CARE Service Reminders

The Subaru CARE program is a technology-driven service reminder mailing program. It’s designed to generate and send personalized messages to owners about maintenance intervals, timed to arrive just before the vehicle is due for service. Complex algorithms and service histories contribute to accuracy and timeliness, and recognize the service patterns of your vehicle. CARE program mailings from your participating dealer often include service tips and commentary, along with money-saving coupons.

My.Subaru.com – Your Personal Web Site

My.Subaru.com is an online community with information customized to your Subaru. Creating the site is easy and gives you access to your service and warranty history, safety notices and even an online Owner’s Manual. My.Subaru.com can determine when service is due, send you e-mail reminders and help you schedule service appointments online. It’s password protected for your security.

The Subaru Difference – A Maintenance Partnership

Maintenance may not be glamorous, but it is important. So important that The Subaru Difference gives you a number of service and maintenance partnership options. From Car Care Clinics, to service reminders, to online tracking, to ways to reduce your costs and still get Quality Driven Service from trained Subaru technicians, we want to do our part. We hope you’ll do yours, as well.

It’s often frustrating. You try to arrange a service or maintenance appointment, and your dealer is all booked up. Dealers are trying to meet the challenge by extending their hours, opening service operations on Saturdays and building stand-alone service-only facilities, but it still can happen. Here are some tips to help you avoid appointment disappointment:

  • Plan ahead. If you know you are going to reach a service milestone soon, call and set the appointment at your convenience before you are on top of it.
  • Avoid trying for an appointment before “travel holidays.” Many people will try to get that last-minute service done before going on a cross-country trip to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving (or another major holiday). It’s typically a tight time for your dealer.
  • Be aware of seasonality. The first big cold snap or the first heat wave of the year often brings a rush to the dealership for seasonal service.
  • If possible, be flexible. If a dealer can’t take you in the morning, how about afternoon or evening? If not a weekday, are Saturday hours available? Sometimes dealers have appointment cancellations. Can the Service Manager call you on short notice if there’s an opening? Ask how long the service will take to determine whether you should wait or leave the vehicle and arrange other transportation.

Please be understanding. Quality service does take time, but your Subaru dealer Service personnel will never sacrifice quality to gain time.