Fall 2002 Forward to a Friend

Your Turn Letters from our Readers

The Drive editorial staff was pleased with the volume and nature of reader response to “Subaru All-Wheel-Drive Demystified: Inside the Ideal Driving Experience”
(Drive, summer 2002). It’s clear that Subaru owners are interested in this topic and want more technical information about it. As a result of your inquiries, we plan to provide more information about Subaru AWD in a future issue. Thank you for your letters and e-mail inquiries!

Not A Rail Trail – Safety Reminder

I thoroughly enjoy reading each issue of Drive. However, there is a photo in the summer 2002 issue that greatly concerns me. On the last page of Rebecca Solnit’s article, “Wanderlust,” a woman is shown walking along a railroad right-of-way. Even though there may be weeds growing along the tracks and a coating of rust on the rails, that is NOT an indication that the tracks are not an actively used rail line! In short, railroad tracks are NOT the place to take a walk.

Pete Ismail
Colorado Springs, Colorado

His Loyalty Is Sweet

Thank you for sending me the New Owner issue of Drive. However, I’m not a new Subaru driver. This is my third one and obviously I’m pleased with your car. I’m 85 years old and I am a beekeeper. I have two Subaru vehicles. One of them is always filled with blue ribbon honey that I take to farmer’s markets and the other is for my volunteer work and pleasure.

Burton P. Knopp
Orwell, Vermont

We created the New Owner issue to help introduce the Subaru vehicle and our company to new owners. From your letter, it sounds like we should consider a Loyal Owner issue. Thanks for your continued support of Subaru.

Having A Blast

I purchased a Subaru WRX two months ago after reading about it for the last year. I traded in my Legacy GT sedan, with which I was perfectly satisfied. Since the purchase of my WRX, I have added carbon fiber trim, the short throw shifter and vinyl graphics. This car is a blast! My mother thinks I have lost my mind. Well, why can’t a woman over 40 have some fun?

Donna Steward
Leavenworth, Kansas

You Might As Well Have Fun

Pete Beinetti and his wife, Kathy, are the owners of Bark Busters, an in-home dog training company. Pete sent us this photo and comments about their Subaru.

If you have to drive in your business, you might as well have fun. The WRX acceleration, handling and braking is the best combination I’ve ever experienced. Even for a “senior” like me, it brings a smile to my face. The WRX is an eye-catcher. It advertises our business for us, better than any SUV could do. The WRX has room to spare, enough for all of our training materials as well as our dogs. Josie and CD (Cool Dog) help us when we need to address dog aggression with our customers, so there needs to be plenty of room for them to be comfortable.

Pete Beinetti
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Eagle Adventures

I decided to send you some of the winter activities of my friend, Ralph Speer, and me using my 2001 Outback to cruise the Catskill Mountains of New York in search of the American Bald Eagle.

The picture you see of the vehicle and myself is at a nest we are watching in Delancy, New York. This is a nest that we are monitoring for the New York State Conservation Department. Great car, and a great experience for two old men.

Lou Buscher
Willow, New York

Lou Buscher and his 2001
Outback cruise the Catskill Mountains
of New York in search of the
American Bald Eagle.

Planes, Trains And Roadside Assistance

Last fall, I drove my new Outback to New Jersey to care for our youngest grandchild so that my daughter could catch a train for a business appointment. On the way, a rock crossed the highway and one of my tires went flat. With my mind racing about my responsibilities and time constraints, I remembered the Subaru Roadside Assistance card in my wallet. I called the number and then called my daughter to bring the baby to me while I waited for the service man to arrive.

During this time, I was hoping that the repair would be made in time for me to pick up my husband from the Philadelphia airport. Within a half-hour, my daughter arrived with her son in time to see the repair truck leave. Polite, helpful and sympathetic, the service man was already finished replacing my tire. I arrived at the airport early to pick up my husband. I still can hardly believe how well your Roadside Assistance worked. Thanks.

Mary Cope
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

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