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The difference between the edmunds.com Town Hall Automotive Community meetings and more traditional community meetings is that you don’t have to go anywhere, yet you can meet with people from around the world. Messaging through the Internet allows you to hear and be heard.

While not an online customer service, Subaru of America (SOA) has made this communications medium an important link to consumers as part of the Subaru Difference. The Subaru Difference is a companywide, customer-focused corporate philosophy that puts the Subaru customer first in all decisions and actions.

About five years ago, edmunds.com and Subaru enthusiasts began an experiment in communications. Edmunds.com provided a platform for regular weekly discussions between consumers and CDS Quality/Training Leader Patti Mickel. SOA considered this another way to see what its customers were thinking. This Forums chat became part of edmunds.com’s Town Hall.

One of the first manufacturers to take advantage of this medium, edmunds.com holds its weekly Subaru Crew Chat on Thursday evenings. As with other messaging on the Internet, questions and answers, comments, testimonials, complaints, ramblings and connecting with people having similar interests are all part of the chat. Chat times are listed on the Forums screen at edmunds.com, along with other automotive discussions organized for easy access.

Anyone registered through edmunds.com can join. The important aspect of the Subaru Crew Chat is that an SOA representative may drop in to take part in the discussions. The rep answers questions, comments on participant speculations and defers questions and issues to appropriate personnel at SOA for follow-up.

Pick your automotive topic! Participants in Town Hall discussions cover just about anything automotive. If you want to see if discussions about your area of interest have taken place in the past, enter a key word or words in the search function of the Forums page.

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1966 – founded as a publisher of consumer pricing guidebooks for new and used vehicles

1994 – the first consumer auto guide publisher to offer information on the Internet

1997 – began the Town Hall forums as a meeting place for people to talk about anything automotive

2004 – edmunds.com Web site:
– More than 800,000 pages of information
– Accessed by more than 200,000 people daily
– Approximately 45,000 messages posted per month

Through the Forums page on edmunds.com, you can be involved in any automotive discussion – as a participant or as an observer. You can write Subaru-specific messages with the possibility of response by an SOA rep through the weekly Subaru Crew Chat. During a chat, you can voice your opinion about your vehicle, track down issues in which you’re involved and/or express your enthusiasm for Subaru products.

Visit www.edmunds.com to look around. It’s intriguing and informative – yet another means by which you can communicate with SOA.

The Subaru Crew Chat was founded on enthusiasm for Subaru vehicles, and the two people who serve as the Chat’s Crew Chiefs embody that enthusiasm. They are Bob Holland and A.J. Teixeira, both described as “Subaru loyalists.”

A.J. characterizes the Subaru Crew Chat as a “pit crew of auto enthusiasts.” Talking with them is like being in a garage with friends and discussing automotive topics. A.J. drives a 1998 Forester named “Sandy” with 67,000 miles, and his wife has a 2002 Legacy wagon.

Bob loves Subaru vehicles, and his main interest is making Subaru products the best they can be. His family has a 1996 Impreza Outback with 118,000 miles and a 2001 Forester S with about 66,000 miles.