Fall 2004 Forward to a Friend

Your Turn Letters from our Readers

High Mileage

You have so many people writing in about their high-mileage Subarus. Would you let these people know about the organization we started over four years ago? It is called the Subaru High Mileage Club, and it is dedicated to owners of Subaru vehicles that have gone over 100,000 miles (160,000 km) with no major problems. There are Subaru owners from six continents who have checked in with stories about their Subarus.

Richard Kahn
Subaru High Mileage Club

Paul’s First Car

Paul in his Subaru
I thought your readers might enjoy some photos of my son Paul’s push-and-ride car. Although it did not start out life as a Subaru, with the help of some paint, decals and adhesive vinyl, I converted it into a replica of a 2001 Impreza WRC. The design was inspired by the car driven by Petter Solberg in that year’s Rallye Sanremo and Tour de Corse.

Paul’s first car ride was in a Subaru. He came home from the hospital in my 2000 Forester S, which I will have traded for a 2005 Forester XT by the time this letter goes to press.

Ed Johnson
Yardley, PA

Helen Legacy's Legacy
Legacy Legacy

I have been driving along for a few years now, with a few Subarus. I like the car very much.

I am going on 90 years now come December, so I better write and tell you the rest. I no longer just drive your car, but advertise for you also. Without pay. Just take a look at the picture I am sending you, and you will see why. My name is Helen Legacy!

So everyone knows who I am. So I must drive carefully. I do.

Helen Legacy
Ridgway, PA

Indiana-Odaho, Potato-Potatoh

Still Learning Geography

In your special summer issue of Drive, the three leaders in customer service that you have listed for Indiana (inside of the issue’s back cover) are all in fact located in Idaho, which is slightly to the west. Hope you will see fit to relocate us to the correct state.

Phil Mack, President
Ambassador Auto Service Inc.
Moscow, ID

These dealers were recognized by their customers for excelling in meeting expectations:
• Tyler & Kelly Trademark Motors, Lewiston, Idaho
• Ambassador Auto Service, Moscow, Idaho
• Select Subaru, Post Falls, Idaho

We apologize to these dealers for our geographical oversight.

Bringing It Home

I noticed that some auto manufacturers are starting to offer HomeLink, a transmitter usually found on the car’s visor that can open and close a garage door. Any hints whether Subaru is considering such technology for its cars?

Joe Bartek
Cherry Hill, NJ

You must be peeking over my shoulder! As a matter of fact, HomeLink will be standard in the visor of the 2005 Subaru Legacy H6 VDC models. The plan is to offer various optional dealer-installed HomeLink accessories in all Legacy and Baja models beginning in September and for the Impreza and Forester later this year. The next issue of Drive will tell the whole HomeLink/Subaru story.

Hybrid Letters

I would love to see more evidence that Subaru is developing hybrid vehicles for future production.

A Number of Readers

Subaru and the Earth
Over the past few months, Subaru of America has received numerous inquiries concerning its plans for developing even more fuel-efficient powertrains, including the use of hybrid engines.
The feature article in this
Drive magazine addresses the development of alternative engines and other environmental issues.

While there are no specific dates or schedules for development and manufacture of these alternative powertrains available to us now, please be assured that you will be hearing more about Subaru’s advanced technology vehicles in the future.

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