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Buckle Up!

Why is wearing seatbelts important to all vehicle occupants? Simply put, these restraints save lives.

Seatbelts hold all occupants in place, where air bags and other supplemental-restraint-system components can be most effective. Seatbelts also help keep a driver in place behind the steering wheel to be able to use the vehicle’s controls. In addition, restraints help keep occupants from being ejected during a collision.

There’s no excuse for not wearing a restraint:
  • “It’s just a short trip.”
    Fact: More than 70 percent of accidents occur within 25 miles of the driver’s residence or workplace.
  • “I don’t drive fast.”
    Fact: More than 80 percent of collisions occur at speeds less than 40 mph.
  • “I might be trapped in a fire or underwater.”
    Fact: Less than half of 1 percent of accidents involve fire or submersion in water, and chances for survival are better if a person is conscious. An unrestrained occupant is more likely to be unconscious.
Statistics from the U.S. Department of Trans­portation indicate that chances of surviving an impact are greater if a vehicle occupant remains inside the vehicle:
  • Only 1 percent of occupants using restraints were ejected from their vehicles.
  • 18 percent of occupants not using restraints were ejected from their vehicles.
  • 74 percent of the occupants totally ejected from passenger cars died.
To improve restraint usage, verify the adjustment and operating condition of all restraints in your vehicle. Provide approved car seats for infants and small children, and take steps to accommodate any special requirements of passengers with disabilities.

Most important, make a habit of wearing a restraint and require the same of all vehicle occupants.

Buckle Up!

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