Fall 2005 Forward to a Friend

Mount Washington Observatory

“The 1961 hurricane season started slowly, with only one storm developing before September. But the following 10 weeks brought eight more storms, including one whose name would later be retired in infamy.

“Hi, I’m Bryan Yeaton, and this is The Weather Notebook.”

That’s how Bryan Yeaton kicked off one edition of The Weather Notebook show earlier this year. The nationally syndicated, two-minute, daily radio show is just one of the educational projects produced by the Mount Washington Observatory. The Weather Notebook – the radio show about weather and everyday life – has been on air since November 29, 1993, when it was called “Among the Clouds.” Among the Clouds had been the name of the newspaper published at the summit of Mount Washington from 1877 to 1908.

The Observatory and Subaru have been partners since 1992, with Subaru of America, Inc. underwriting The Weather Notebook and other projects pursued by the Observatory. Among them is the Observatory’s Seek the Peak hike-a-thon, which is an annual fund-raiser.

Subaru also provides two vehicles for the Observatory. One of them is used for school outreach programs that take weather and other science education to schools throughout the northeast and beyond. It’s also used for The Weather Notebook national tour, which takes Yeaton around the country to give school programs and be interviewed on radio stations. The Subaru “Weathermobile” also has taken Yeaton to such places as National Weather Service offices and the American Meteorological Society annual meeting – literally coast to coast.

Many Observatory members and staff are year-round, all-weather outdoors enthusiasts, and, according to Observatory Director of Programs Peter Crane, they appreciate the extra assurance of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. The relationship between the Observatory and Subaru seems ideal. According to Crane, “The partnership reflects the commitment to science and science education that Subaru has, as well as its connection to the outdoors and its challenges.”

For more on The Weather Notebook, go to www.weathernotebook.org.