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Finding Roadside Assistance •  Have Electroluminescent Guages? •  Loading CDs in the Six-Disc Changer
QUESTION: What is the leading cause of collision? •  Popular Impreza Accessories •  Air Filter Kit for 2005 Legacy
Temporary Spares and Fuses •  Blow a Fuse? •  Quick Quiz – Air Filtration System

Finding Roadside Assistance
If you have to call Subaru Roadside Assistance in an emergency, you can find the 24-hour toll-free number on the driver’s window – 1-800-261-2155.

Roadside Assistance

When calling, you’ll need:
Your 17-character vehicle identification number (VIN) and mileage
Your exact location and type of assistance required
Your vehicle’s description and license plate number


Have Electroluminescent Gauges?
Subaru Legacy and B9 Tribeca models have electro-luminescent gauges. Because they are lit all the time, they might give the driver the impression that the headlights and taillights are illuminated even when only the Daytime Running Lights are on.

Please remember to turn on your head­lights in low light! The instrument-panel depiction of a headlight indicates that your headlights are illuminated.


Loading CDs in the Six-Disc Changer
When loading discs in the built-in changer, only insert discs one at a time, when the LOAD indicator flashes. Do not load:
Two discs at a time
Continuously or too quickly, without waiting for the changer to cycle and the LOAD light to flash

Follow these precautions to help prevent damage.


What is the leading cause of collisions?
ANSWER: Rubbernecking – being distracted by something along the road.

Approximately 29 percent of all traffic collisions occur when drivers don’t pay attention to the road ahead but are looking elsewhere. Accidents, construction, animals and other distractions cause drivers to lose concentration on the most important thing at hand – driving.

As you’ve heard, “Keep your eyes on the road!” That’s where they belong – get the big picture of everything around you. Visually sweep the road ahead and the area surrounding it. Check your mirrors for possible hazards approaching from the rear.


Popular Impreza Accessories
Putting together the article about the 2006 Impreza caused the editorial staff to ask what accessories are most popular with Impreza owners. Here’s what we found out.

The most popular accessories are:
Auto-dimming mirror/compass
Security system shock sensor
Armrest extension
All-weather mats
Rear cargo net (Sport Wagon)

The most popular performance parts:
Short-throw shifter
Cat-back exhaust system
Turbo boost gauge

Parts and accessories are available through your dealer. Also, see performance parts at www.spt.subaru.com.


Air Filter Kit for 2005 Legacy

Kits to upgrade air-filter components for early 2005 model-year Legacy models are available. These filters can be helpful to occupants who suffer from allergies. Contact your dealer to arrange installation.


Temporary Spares and Fuses
If you have a Subaru vehicle with a temporary spare and an automatic transmission, using the spare requires a visit to the fuse box under the hood. Consult your Owner’s Manual, where it explains that the insertion of a spare fuse in the FWD connector defeats AWD to help prevent drivetrain damage. Just remember to take out the fuse once a conventional tire is installed.


Blown a Fuse?
Your Owner’s Manual shows where fuse boxes are located. For your convenience, spare fuses and a fuse puller/installer tool are stored in the fuse box in the engine compartment.


Quick Quiz – Air Filtration System
1.  How often should I change the filter?
2.  What does the air filtration system do?
3.  How small a particle is caught by the filter?
4.  On which models is the Air Filtration System available?
5.  Where is the filter located in the Subaru B9 Tribeca?

1.  The filter should be replaced once every 7,500 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first.
2.  The air filtration system helps remove dust and pollen within the vehicle cabin.
3.  The filter can trap airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns (0.3 micrometers/0.000012 inch).
4.  The system is available on all new Subaru models.
5.  Behind the glove box.