Fall 2005 Forward to a Friend

Your Turn Letters from our Readers

Paramotor Support

I adore my 2003 Baja. It’s just right for supporting both my outdoor lifestyle and my long commute.

Recently, I’ve become a paramotor pilot. It involves strapping a two-cycle racing go-cart engine with a propeller to your back, hanging in a lawn chair from an oversized parachute and flying about. The reality of the sport is much safer than the description. It’s the cheapest, safest, most convenient way for the common man to fly. The whole flying machine only weighs about 60 pounds.

When coupled with the Subaru Baja, it’s also the easiest. I can put one or two of the assembled motors into the bed of the Baja and drive into any flying field to take off.

FYI, I bought a yellow-and-black harness to match my vehicle.

Noel Munson
Staunton, VA

Finding Subaru at Night

Even if you know that Subaru and Pleiades are one and the same, I bet you couldn’t find it in the night’s sky. The Stikky learning method in Stikky™ Night Skies shows how to find the Pleiades.

The Stikky series is a winner of the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers.

Kevin Wensley
National Sales Manager
Laurence Holt Books

Woodland Park Zoo’s “Zoobaru”

Carter Subaru in Seattle demonstrates its commitment to partnering with exciting and worthwhile organizations by supporting Woodland Park Zoo’s outreach program, Wild Wise. Wild Wise is the zoo’s award-winning, statewide outreach program which teaches about the habitats and wildlife of Washington. This program reaches over 10,000 students every year and visits every county over a two-year cycle.

The primary reasons we are able to take this program to schools throughout the state are the outstanding people and generous sponsorship of Carter Subaru, which has provided our program with a Subaru Outback since 2001 – the Wild Wise “Zoobaru.” From the hot, dusty shrub steppe of Othello and Yakima to snowy mountain passes like Steven’s and Snoqualmie, we have the reliable transportation to get us there.

Kristi Dodds, Outreach Coordinator
Woodland Park Zoo
Seattle, WA

With Room for Billy the Bass

When my 12-year-old daughter Lizzy saw the picture of Joshua Starmer and his cello in your magazine [Winter 2004], she knew she had him beat. My daughter has been traveling in my 1999 Subaru Forester with her string bass for the past four years. She and Billy (as it is known) have traveled to and from school for lessons, rehearsals and concerts. Both of them have enjoyed a very comfortable ride in our Subaru.

Catherine Malina-Owens
North Wales, PA

Subaru Rentals

Question by e-mail: Where can I find a Subaru vehicle to rent?

Answer: Since Subaru is a smaller auto company, our vehicles are not as readily available for rental fleets as other larger import and domestic manufacturers’ vehicles. However, Subaru rentals are available in selected areas of the country:
  • Hertz Corporate – a large number of city airport locations, primarily in the northern half of the country
  • Hertz Licensee – in many western city airport locations
  • Dollar Licensee – in Seattle and Portland airport locations

Gone to the Dog

I recently took photos of my dog. He’s taken over my car, and he loves my Outback, too.

Doug Clasen
Aurora, IL

Just Don’t Call Me “Tubby”

Here’s proof a bathtub can fit in a Forester.

Vicki Forman
La Canada, CA

Subaru Drive Printed on Recycled Paper

Due to an oversight, the recycled-paper logo has not appeared on the back cover of Drive’s last three issues.

In fact, since the year 2000, more than 14 million copies of Drive (including this Fall issue) have been printed on recycled paper.

We apologize for any confusion that this may have caused.

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