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2008 Impreza


Both the Impreza
2.5i and the WRX
lineups feature
4-Door and
5-Door models,
while the
Outback Sport
is available as a
5-Door model.
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Vehicle Dynamics Control System

The Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) system helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle under driving circumstances that ordinarily might lead to loss of control, such as oversteer, understeer, and drift conditions. The VDC system constantly monitors the intentions of the driver through the steering angle sensor. A computer analyzes the data sent from that sensor and others, instantly making adjustments. If the computer recognizes the loss of control at either the front or rear of the vehicle, it applies brake pressure to one or more wheels as a means of control to restore stability. An indicator light flashes when the system is running to alert the driver to the driving conditions. Additionally, fuel is cut to reduce engine power while performing these corrective actions.

VDC also incorporates all-speed Traction Control – to help reduce wheelspin – Brake Assist, and Incline Start Assist.

Brake Assist monitors the depression speed applied to the brake pedal. In an emergency stopping situation, this system senses the rapid depression of the pedal and simultaneously boosts the driver’s brake force to the braking system. Brake Assist maintains the braking force until the driver releases the brake pedal.

Incline Start Assist is designed for when a vehicle starts off on a hill, the brake remains on for approximately one second after the driver removes his or her foot from the brake to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward. This is designed to assist drivers who are not well versed in hill starts to start up smoother and with confidence. This feature is only on models with manual transmissions.

The stability control system enhances the performance of the AWD system and helps to maintain directional stability on all road surfaces. The system’s ability to instantaneously adjust to road conditions makes this an invaluable tool to assist drivers in avoiding accidents.

Note: It is important to turn off the VDC system before performing any service work that involves lifting all four wheels from the ground and running the engine while in gear. To turn off the VDC system, install a fuse into the VDC off holder inside the fuse box.

Highlights of the redesigned Impreza 2.5i, WRX, and Outback Sport models are more sophisticated styling, advanced engineering, more spacious interior, and roomier cargo area. The models contain new exterior and interior design features along with a new chassis design.

Both the Impreza 2.5i and the WRX lineups feature a 4-Door and a 5-Door model, while the Outback Sport is available as a 5-Door model. Powering all models is the signature Subaru Boxer engine complemented by Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive – which continues to deliver road-hugging driving dynamics – and the standard 5-speed manual or available 4-speed automatic transmission with SPORTSHIFT® manual control.


The Subaru horizontally opposed engine gives the Impreza models a lower center of gravity, providing more responsive driving and improved safety. The Impreza 2.5i and Outback Sport feature a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine, which produces 170 hp @ 6,000 rpm and 170 lb-ft of torque @ 4,400 rpm. The WRX, powered by a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine, cranks out 224 hp @ 5,200 rpm and 226 lb-ft of torque @ 2,800 rpm. The engines deliver peak horsepower and torque at lower engine speeds from previous models, which helps to improve performance.

The new body/chassis design allows the engine to be 22 mm lower in the front and 10 mm lower in the rear, creating an even lower center of gravity, which contributes to the improved handling and vehicle stability. And the addition of the double wishbone rear suspension provides improved handling and ride comfort.


Unique to the North American market, the 4-Door models are 4.5 inches longer than the previous 4-Door and 6.5 inches longer than the current 5-Door models. The front-end design is wider and accented with a sharp body-side crease. The rear features distinctive red lamp lenses and a chrome strip below the trunk line.

The 5-Door design is elegant, with a single curve roofline flowing into the aerodynamic rear spoiler. The front-end design includes the new spread wing logo placed at the top of the widened grille. Rear LED lights with clear lenses add to the sporty character of the vehicle.

Redesigning the
chassis created
more interior
cabin area,
enabling an
emphasis on

Redesigning the chassis created more interior cabin area, enabling an emphasis on comfort. Seat comfort is enhanced by a new spring design and improved cushioning material.

Passenger space is improved by two more inches of front shoulder room, additional headroom, and extra rear-seat leg room. Footwell lighting has been added for greater convenience. The roomier interior features a 60/40 flat-folding rear seat (all models) and a wide flat load floor (5-Door) that provide plenty of flexible storage solutions. Double layer door seals and new framed windows improve Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) for a quieter cabin.

Additionally, the models boast enhanced, wider-opening rear doors that present easier entry and exit for passengers while the shifted angle of the C-pillar allows for more head clearance as passengers maneuver in and out.

Included in the
Impreza lineup
is the available
high-tech SRS
Circle Surround®
Impreza Interior

Impreza Interior

The state-of-the-art interior incorporates a 4-speaker audio system with single-disc in-dash CD player (Outback Sport includes a 10-speaker, 6-disc CD system), available auxiliary inputs, pre-wiring for satellite radio, and capabilities for the available touch-screen GPS navigation system.

Included in the Impreza lineup is the available high-tech SRS Circle Surround® Automotive system.1 This system utilizes a number of audio enhancement techniques so passengers hear original cinema-quality sound from every seating position.


Every Subaru model has been designed to achieve the highest crash-test rating in its class. Intended to protect its passengers in an impact, Impreza models feature the ring-shaped reinforcement frame body structure, along with a new high-tension material used around the cabin for stronger design and passenger protection. A new bumper beam was constructed to further enhance collision absorption performance. Now standard on WRX and Outback Sport and available on Impreza 2.5i is Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), which helps the driver retain handling control through management of the engine and braking system. The new braking system provides improved braking over the 2007 Impreza models.

Impreza Interior

Inside, 2008 Impreza vehicles are equipped with an Advanced Frontal Airbag System with a front passenger occupant detection system sensor, and standard front, side, and side-curtain airbags (SRS).2 Complementing these interior safety components are the new standard side-curtain airbags; 3-point seatbelts for all seats, including height adjustable for outboard positions; and a safety pedal system, which folds the pedal assembly forward in a severe frontal impact to help reduce injury to the driver, now including the clutch pedal as well as the brake pedal. The numerous passive-safety components help minimize the effects of an impact.


With the new design and added technology, the 2008 Impreza models improve upon the power and performance characteristics for which the lineup is known. And features like the now-standard Tire Pressure Monitoring System, 16.9-gallon fuel tank, and speed-sensitive audio volume adjustment make the 2008 Impreza models more comfortable, stylish, and desirable.

1 SRS and symbol are trademarks of SRS Labs, Inc.

2 The airbag Supplemental Restraint System ( SRS ) affords the driver, and the front and rear outboard passengers, additional protection in moderate-to-severe frontal and side-impact collisions. This system provides supplemental protection only, and seatbelts must be worn in order to avoid injuries to out-of-position occupants upon airbag deployment, and to provide the best combined protection in a serious accident. Children should always be properly restrained in one of the rear seats.

Impreza 2.5i

The 2.5i 5-Door model has 19.0 cu. ft. of cargo space with rear seats in the upright position and up to 44 cu. ft. with the seats down. Both 4-Door and 5-Door models come standard with 16" wheels and Bridgestone Potenza® all-season tires.

Wheelbase has increased 3.7" to 103.1", which, along with increases in track, improves ride and handling and contributes to the increased interior space.

Outback Sport

This model boasts a two-tone exterior color, 17" 6-spoke aluminum alloy wheels with high luster paint, complemented with Bridgestone Potenza all-season tires, and heated exterior mirrors. The inside features a leather-wrapped steering wheel with mounted audio and cruise control switches, a 10-speaker stereo system with 6-disc CD player, and heated front seats.

Impreza WRX

The new WRX body weighs 50 lbs. less. Lighter weight, a longer wheelbase, and wider track help improve ride and handling. The greater dimensions also contribute to increased interior space and utility.

Exclusive to the WRX is the available Aero Package, which includes:

• Front lip spoiler
• Aerodynamic side ground
• Rear bumper spoiler
• Trunk spoiler (4-Door)
• Rear diffuser (5-Door)

2007/2008 Subaru Impreza Specifications and Dimensions

Headroom, front (in) 38.6 39.7 40.3 40.3
Headroom, rear (in) 36.7 37.3 37.6 37.6
Legroom, front (in) 42.9 42.9 43.5 43.5
Legroom, rear (in) 33.0 33.7 33.5 33.5
Shoulder room, front (in) 52.7 52.7 54.8 54.8
Shoulder room, rear (in) 52.9 52.9 53.2 53.2
Hip room, front (in) 53.3 53.3 53.4 53.4
Hip room, rear (in) 51.9 51.7 53.3 53.3
Cargo width (in)   37.2   42.0
Cargo area height (cu ft)   31.4   26.4
Overall length (in) 175.8 175.8 180.3 173.8
Overall width (in) 68.5 66.7 68.5 68.5
Overall width, Outback Sport (in)   67.3   68.5
Overall height (in) 56.7 57.7 58.1 58.1
Overall height, Outback Sport (in)   58.1   58.3
Wheelbase (in) 99.4 99.4 103.1 103.1
Min. road clearance @ curb weight (in) 6.3 6.3 6.1 6.1
Min. road clearance @ curb weight, Outback Sport (in)   6.7   6.3
Track, front (in) 58.5 57.7 58.9 58.9
Track, front, Outback Sport (in)   57.5   58.7
Track, rear, 2.5i (in) 58.1 57.3 58.9 58.9
Track, rear, WRX (in) 58.3 57.3 59.1 59.1
Track, rear, Outback Sport (in)   57.3   59.1
Horsepower, 2.5i 173 @ 6,000 rpm 173 @ 6,000 rpm 170 @ 6,000 rpm 170 @ 6,000 rpm
Horsepower, WRX 224 @ 5,600 rpm 224 @ 5,600 rpm 224 @ 5,200 rpm 224 @ 5,200 rpm
Torque, 2.5i (lb-ft) 166 @ 4,400 rpm 166 @ 4,400 rpm 170 @ 4,400 rpm 170 @ 4,400 rpm
Torque, WRX (lb-ft) 226 @ 3,600 rpm 226 @ 3,600 rpm 224 @ 2,800 rpm 224 @ 2,800 rpm
2.5i coefficient of drag 0.33 0.34 0.32 0.34
WRX coefficient of drag 0.33 0.37 0.34 0.35
Outback Sport coefficient of drag   0.37   0.35
To learn more about the current line of Subaru vehicles, go to www.subaru.com.