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Legacy Wagon

My Ultimate Driving Machine

I am a first-time Subaru owner. After my two years of ownership, I have been enjoying it every minute and loving it even more.

Although Subaru decided to stop offering a 5-speed manual transmission Legacy wagon, I think I don’t need to worry about it for a long time. My 5MT wagon will stay with me for a very long time. (See above.)
~ Richard Tseng, Rolling Meadows, IL

Why only seven years?
Drive Magazine

In Drive magazine, I was reading that Subaru owners will only receive Drive for the first seven (7) years of Subaru ownership.
Why only seven years?

I owned my last automobile for 20 years, and I expect to own my Subaru Outback Wagon at least 20 years.

Can the policy be changed so that we can receive Drive magazine throughout all our years of Subaru ownership?

If not, that Subaru-to-owner link will be lost. Without that relationship, I would find it far easier to purchase my next new vehicle from the non-Subaru dealership one mile away rather than driving 50 miles to a Subaru dealership.
~ Nancy Albert, Oreana, IL

Drive magazine is now available by free subscription by going to www.drive.subaru.com for anyone who should own his or her Subaru for more than seven years. – ed.


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Plant Tour Request

I love the technical articles in your magazine. What I’d really love to see you do an article on is the Subaru assembly plant in Indiana. Maybe it could be a tour of the factory with photos and descriptions of the various stages of a Subaru (preferably a Legacy or Outback) being built from welding the steel stampings together to when the car rolls off the assembly line.
~ Bill Savitz, Loveland, OH

If you go to www.drive.subaru.com and look up the back issues, you’ll find coverage of the current generation Legacy and Outback models in the Summer 2004 issue. Included in that issue is the story of how those vehicles are built in the Subaru of Indiana Automotive plant in Indiana. Enjoy the read! – ed.

Beach Reading

We own a 2005 Subaru Outback. On a recent trip to the beach, we got 30 miles per gallon on the highway with the air conditioning running and a car load of toddler equipment. We continue to be amazed at the mileage we get from our all-wheel-drive Outback!

Our daughter Kara even enjoyed Drive magazine while lying out at the beach.

Our Subaru really accommodates our active lifestyle and allows us to travel throughout the Southeast without breaking the bank.
Thanks Subaru!
~ Bob & Karen Preli, Winston-Salem, NC

Who You Gonna Call?!
Kevin Henry's conversion of an Outback into a replica of the car from Ghostbusters.

Who Do You Call?!

Over the summer of 2006, my friends and I spent several months converting my 1998 Subaru Outback into a replica of the Ectomobile from Ghostbusters. We decked it out with emergency lightbars and a sound system for the siren and music, and designed the whole thing to be completely removable after Halloween.

When it was first rolled out back in September, people went crazy over us. Radio hosts were talking in hushed voices about this strange car prowling the streets hunting for ghosts. Pedestrians had to look twice and rub their eyes to make sure they weren’t seeing things, and many a friend was called a liar when they told the story of seeing the Ectomobile around town.

The original car was wrecked by a semi. I bought a 2003 Outback and converted that into the new Ectomobile.

Eventually word got out that we were real, that the car was real, and there was lots of fun to be had.
My whole story (in excruciating detail) is written here:
~ Kevin Henry, Fort Collins, CO

Can't Decide Trying to Choose

I sure like the way you have restyled the Tribeca. Clean, functional, and appealing are the first words that come to mind.

I have always liked the Outback. I still would like to have a new one.

But now, with the much more appealing looks of the Tribeca, as well as the nice-looking Forester, I don’t know for sure which way I will go.

But the Tribeca with the 3.6-liter six and regular fuel, but more power, torque, and same mileage – I like! I like!

Clean plants, top quality vehicles, management that truly cares and listens to the customer and truly cares about the quality of our environment as well – well done!
~ Jerome A. Brinker, Las Vegas, NV

“In June of 2004 I realized a long-held dream – to travel around my own country, including Alaska, with my Labrador Meadow, pulling a small trailer.”
Around the United States

Upon returning to California after five years living in the Middle East, I bought a new 2001 Subaru Outback L.L.Bean® off the showroom floor. I’m still thrilled with its comfort and ease of handling when and wherever I drive it, even to the grocery store!

Owning it has enabled me to have experiences not anticipated when I bought it. First, I worked two years in Yosemite Valley and lived in a cabin outside the Valley. On snowy days, I could drive right past other vehicles requiring chains, including tourist buses. On other bad-weather days, I felt secure as my car held the road with ease.

In June of 2004 I realized a long-held dream – to travel around my own country, including Alaska, with my Labrador Meadow, pulling a small trailer. Checking first with the local Subaru dealer, I learned I could safely pull 2,000 pounds. I ordered a 13-foot trailer and drove over 35,000 miles with no car trouble whatsoever. I arrived home safely 10 months later, and with only one flat tire.

I could not have enjoyed this unforgettable journey had it not been for my dependable, comfortable Outback!
~ Sylvia Rose, Concord, CA