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Subaru owner Stacie Mayes gave birth to son Kellen Brodie in the family Forester.


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Subaru for Life

Our new-to-us 2005 Forester was already greatly appreciated for the comfortable and stable ride it provides. It is one of the few cars that my 6-foot, 7-inch husband can fit into. Little did I know how important this vehicle was to become.

On September 5, 2007, our Subaru became a birthing room. And though I would not recommend birthing a child in any car, I truly appreciate what your car did for us.

  1. The overhead handles in the front seat held strong while I used them to brace during contractions.
  2. The back seat allowed for enough space for a nine-month-pregnant lady to lie down in.
  3. The rear hatch is big enough for full-grown firefighters to crawl into.
  4. The rear seat cushion has easily accessible bolts to remove the seat to clean up after messy spills.

I love our Forester, and it has been dubbed “the delivery room.” Our son, Kellen Brodie, was born that night at a gas station parking lot in the back seat at 10:55 p.m. He is wonderfully healthy and active. He takes his place daily at the site of his birth next to his big brother.

We bought your car because of the safety measures you all took while making it. I can speak from experience and say your car is safe enough to have a baby in!

– Stacie Mayes, Austin, TX

Inspired by Jeanne Stawiecki

Loved that article about Jeanne Stawiecki [Owner Spotlight, Spring 2008 Drive]. What an inspiring woman.

I’m a newspaper reporter, and, like anesthesiologists, we need reliable cars, too. We also never know what kind of terrain we’ll encounter when we’re out on a story. I’ve had my 2002 Forester in the Blue Ridge Mountains in wintertime, in New Jersey farm country, in downtown Washington, D.C. I’ve driven it on icy mountainsides, in flood zones – you name it. In the seven years I’ve been in it, it has never let me down! I’ve been a reporter 27 years and cannot say that about any other car I’ve owned.

– Lorraine Ash, Allendale, NJ

Jeanne Stawiecki’s feats are now listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Catch up on the latest news about her at www.sevenin2007.com.

Wonder Woman Gardener

It was nice to see the article promoting growing your own produce (Creating Your Own Organic Bounty) in the spring issue of Drive magazine. There is nothing tastier than that first ripe tomato from your own garden.

Is the author, Trish Riley, a relative of Wonder Woman? My reason for asking is her recommendation that one should prepare the soil by hoeing or using a shovel to churn up the soil to a depth of eight or 10 inches! A shovel, perhaps – but a hoe? And to a depth of 10 inches? Only if Superman is the gardener!

If you insist on performing this back-breaking job yourself, I would suggest using an old-fashioned spading fork, and only for a SMALL garden – nothing larger than 10 by 12 feet. For anything much larger than that, save your back and rent a tiller or hire the job out. It will be money well spent.

– Richard Martinson, St. Cloud, MN

Snow in Flagstaff

We are new Subaru owners and we took these pictures in Flagstaff, Ariz., in January when we got “snowed in” unexpectedly. If it wasn’t for the great performance and handling of the Subaru, we wouldn’t have been able to make it home!

– The Caliendo Family, Phoenix, AZ

Snow Box

My boss took me aside in November when the winter weather started up here in Tehachapi and gave me a look at his snow box, which he carries in his Forester. This box includes chains, cat litter (for traction), a tarp, shovel, gloves, and poncho.

I put them all in a plastic bin in the back. Haven’t had to use them yet, but it’s nice to know they’re there. Also, the box has a film canister with $40 in it, in case there are “snow chain guys” available to put the chains on for me.

– Mariann Watt, Woodland Hills, CA

Thank You, Tom Holland

Last May, Drive Executive Editor Tom Holland retired. Actively engaged with the magazine since its inception more than 20 years ago, Tom Holland has made significant contributions to the magazine’s innovative content and growth. He brought considerable insight to the publication, which helped ensure visual and editorial appeal.

Tom Holland always brought balance to the magazine. He helped determine the articles that Drive has carried, as well as influence the magazine’s design and images. His ultimate concern has always been that Drive address you, the reader, in the best possible way. Much of what you have found in Subaru Drive magazine over the years was the result of Tom Holland’s involvement.

The staff at Drive magazine heartily thanks Tom Holland for his contributions, and we will miss him in his retirement.