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Humble Beginnings

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Humble Beginnings

I am a private investigator, and I love using my Subaru for work. I can always count on my Legacy GT to get me out of a dangerous situation. It’s fast, agile, comfortable, and safe – the best car for the job.

I found these two Subaru 360s while working in South Carolina. Such humble beginnings! Thank you, Subaru, for building such great cars.

– Grant Hendey, Burlington, NC

Dad's Helper

Dad’s Helper

While I’ve moved on to a 2009 Outback Impreza Sport, we frequently use our older Subie – a 1997 Outback. One day my dad decided to take a look under the hood to check fluid levels. He had a little “helper”…

– Stephanie Supple, Boulder, CO

Quilting Bee

Subaru Quilting Bee

In March during our annual weekend quilting bee in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, eight Subaru vehicles out of 11 cars were parked in the driveway of the woman’s home hosting the event. An Impreza driver came down from New Hampshire, one Outback driver was from Massachusetts, and the remaining Outback and Forester vehicles were registered to Rhode Island drivers, along with the Legacy parked inside the two-car garage!

We all joked that the driveway looked like a small Subaru dealership. Even our weekend chef drove a Forester!

– Cynthia Yemma Faia, South Kingstown, RI

How Cool

How Cool is That?

The kids love going camping, fishing, or anywhere outside in the Subaru. Here is a picture of us going to the neighborhood pool for the first time this year with all of our floats. They thought it was very cool!

– Andrew Fay, Granite Falls, NC

Editor’s note: We recommend maintaining visibility to the rear and to the sides. Always refer to and abide by the weight limits in your Owner’s Manual.

Highs and Lows

Highs and Lows

During a very long road trip, I took this picture of my 2005 Outback wagon on March 18, 2010, about 200 feet below sea level. This is looking southwest at the point where Salt Creek crosses the (gravel) West Side Road in Death Valley National Park, California.

Telescope Peak, 11,049 feet, is visible high in the center distance. Despite the snow on the mountaintops, it was about 90 degrees at the time; and that’s salt, not ice, on the right.

Oh, the kayak? Yes, I did (barely) paddle my boat the next day, on the shallow temporary lake that formed this year near Badwater, at -279 feet.

– Alan Silverstein, Fort Collins, CO

Editor’s note: Use of a kayak carrier is recommended.

Star's Car

Star’s Car


When I bought my new 2009 Forester, my husband, Ed, was happy to receive my 2000 as a hand-me-down. Our dog, Star, frequently goes on rides with him, and she was happy to switch to the 2000 Forester as her primary ride. But after about a year, Ed was yearning for a new Forester, too, so he got one.

But what to do about Star? She loved the older Forester so much. It was one of her “happy places.” She is an older dog, insecure, does not like change or having to climb into a higher vehicle. Besides, we now had two nice new vehicles that were dog-hair and dog-smell free.

So, much to the disappointment of several people who were dying to buy it, we decided to keep the 2000 just for Star. The only time it is driven is to take her out – often just so she can enjoy a ride. One of her favorite rides is to the dump, with all its (to her) wonderful smells. And sometimes we just go to the local big box store and drive around the parking lot so she can bark at all the people. She is in doggy heaven being driven about in her Subaru Forester and just may be the only dog in America that owns her own.

– Alison Gomez, Gilbert, SC

Follow-up by the City Mom in the Wilderness

Car Ride

True to my word, I took the family camping to Governor Dodge State Park (Wisconsin). It was great – despite a pretty intense electrical storm that had four children and two dogs pressed next to and on top of me for most of the night.

Not one bug bite, though!

I’m attaching my favorite picture of the drive home. Even the dogs were exhausted.

– Jennifer Fischer, Fox Point, WI
(author of “Midwest City Mom in the Wyoming Wilderness,” Spring 2010 Drive)


Online Exclusive


Sometimes the big sister has to show her younger sisters the way. And, when it came to what car to drive, that’s just what happened. It may have taken a while, but all three of the Chlopecki sisters (Cathy, Jane, and Jonie) now drive Subaru vehicles.

In December of 2005, it was time for Cathy to purchase a new car. After some time looking, she decided to buy the newly styled 2005 Subaru Outback L.L.Bean® Edition wagon. It didn’t take long for Cathy to fall in love with her new Willow Green over Moss Green Subie. As a typical Subaru owner will do, she bragged about her car to others, including her two younger sisters.

Fast forward a bit to the fall of 2008, and, because of an accident that totaled her car, little sis Jonie (the youngest) needed a new car for personal and business use. After talking to big sis Cathy, Jonie headed to her Subaru dealer. Less than one week later, Jonie was the proud owner of a Sage Green Metallic 2009 Forester 2.5X Limited. And, just like her big sister, Jonie immediately became a loyal Subaru owner. Two down, one to go.

All of the discussions among the sisters reminded the middle sister, Jane, that it may be time for a new car. Jane spends lots of time on the New York State Thruway driving 100 miles to the Syracuse, New York, area to visit her grandson, so a car that could get her through less than ideal weather conditions was a must. Having two sisters with Subaru vehicles kind of made the decision easy for Jane. So, she drove away with a 2009 Diamond Gray Metallic Outback 2.5 XT Limited.

– Chuck Catalano, Medford, NJ


It all started with a mother’s instinct back in 2003, when my mother felt the Subaru Outback fit her needs and purchased the versatile wagon. Shortly after, my father continued the Subaru way when he purchased his first “new” vehicle in more than 16 years – a shiny Forester with a sunroof that outshines all others in size.

I continued with the family tradition by purchasing my Legacy the same month I graduated from college in 2004.

Finally, my fiancé purchased his own Subaru – a Legacy GT Limited in 2005.

Our German shepherd, Buca, “guards” the Subaru vehicles like they are her own! These cars have survived many snowstorms and harsh weather conditions in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We love our AWD!

– Stephanie Hampoian, Lowell, MA