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The National Car Care Month "Be Car Care Aware" campaign is a nationwide effort to emphasize the importance of maintaining and repairing your vehicle. Survey information collected during past National Car Care Month inspections indicates that 86% of drivers, like you, believe regular car maintenance is extremely important for you and your passengers' safety! Yet, a survey of last year's Car Care Month inspections showed that nine out of 10 cars had one or more systems, products or fluids that needed to be repaired or replaced!

Here are some interesting statistics from the 2003 Car Care Council event survey:

38% had low, overfull or dirty motor oil
46% needed washer fluid
25% had low or dirty power steering fluid
22% had low, overfull or burnt transmission fluid
10% were low on brake fluid
15% were low on coolant

Windshield Wipers
21% had front windshield wiper failures
14% had rear windshield wiper failures

19% needed at least one belt replaced
12% required at least one new hose
16% needed a new air filter
6% were in need of a new PVC filter

54% of tires were over- or underinflated
14% had tread worn to the point of needing replacement

Light and turn signal failures showed up in as many as 8% of the inspected vehicles.

In support of the National Car Care Month "Be Car Care Aware" campaign, participating Subaru dealers are inviting you to bring your vehicle to a free service clinic! Our factory-trained technicians will professionally inspect and diagnose your Subaru and provide you a detailed report of your Subaru's condition. Contact your Subaru dealer to find out more and to schedule an appointment.

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