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Warning/Indicator Light Name Meaning
Seatbelt warning light Along with a chime, reminder to fasten seatbelts – turns off when the driver fastens his or her seatbelt
SRS airbag system warning light When the ignition is first switched to "ON," indicates that airbags and pretensioners are in normal operation; if it comes on while driving, it indicates improper operation and should be checked immediately
CHECK ENGINE warning light/malfunction indicator lamp Indicates a problem or potential problem somewhere in the emission control system; have it checked/repaired immediately (NOTE: This light comes on when the fuel filler cap is not tightened properly.)
Charge warning light The charging system is not working properly; check for a loose or broken fan belt; if the fan belt is in good condition and the light remains on, have the car checked/repaired immediately
Oil pressure warning lamp If the light comes on while the engine is running, it may indicate the oil pressure is low and the lubrication system is not working properly; stop, check oil level and add oil if necessary
Automatic transmission oil temperature warning light If the light comes on while the engine is running, it may indicate that the fluid temperature in the automatic transmission is too hot; avoid steep grades or stop-and-go traffic
If the light flashes after the engine starts, it may indicate that the control system is not working properly; service immediately
ABS warning light With the ignition first switched to "ON" and goes out aftere about two seconds, indicates the system is working properly
If the light does come on, does not turn off or comes on while driving, have the ABS system repaired immediately
Brake system warning light Indicates that the brake system may not be working properly; have the brakes inspected immediately