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In the Community: Audubon On Call - Nurturing Through Environmental Studies

Audubon On Call

As one of the oldest independent Audubon societies, the New Jersey Audubon Society (NJAS) serves as a community resource and is committed to providing natural history and environment-based education for all ages and levels of expertise.

Founded in 1897, the NJAS has 20,000 members, 10 nature centers, and 34 sanctuaries. It is a privately supported, not-for-profit, statewide membership organization with every center open to the public free of charge. The mission of the NJAS is to foster environmental awareness and a conservation ethic among New Jersey’s citizens, to protect New Jersey’s wildlife and plants, and to promote preservation of New Jersey’s valuable natural habitats.

Audubon On Call

As a part of the society’s research and conservation efforts, it provides environmental education to schools, families, and preschoolers through classes, camps, and community projects. The NJAS focuses on blending conservation and research with education, and it works directly with teachers, schools, and districts to help meet the New Jersey State Core Curriculum Standards through environmental programs and field trips.

Subaru of America Foundation has partnered with the NJAS to support the Audubon On Call program. This program trains teachers through workshops and provides them with the skills to turn their outdoor environments into classrooms. Through on-site field trips, they are encouraged and taught how to maximize the potential of their surroundings — knowledge which these teachers use in their everyday curriculum.

The Audubon On Call program provides an essential teaching and learning tool for New Jersey schools. “It is not only giving them the experience, but it is helping them incorporate it into their curriculum,” said Mary Belko, program manager of the New Jersey Audubon Center.

Subaru in the Community

Subaru of America, Inc. believes in supporting the communities in which its employees live and work. To that end, Subaru builds community partnerships with organizations that share its drive and passion. These organizations are primarily ones that enhance the academic learning experience for young people.