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In the Community: Adventures Without Limits

Just about any outdoor adventure possible in the Pacific Northwest is open to people of all ages and abilities!

Participants in Adventures Without Limits (AWL) can be anyone from kids to grandparents. The mission of this organization, funded by the Subaru of America Foundation, is “ ... to empower people of all abilities through quality outdoor experiences.” They have opportunities to encounter and embrace some of the most dramatic parts of this country through activities such as rafting, sea kayaking, canoeing, snowshoeing, skiing, backpacking, hiking, biking, rock climbing, and more. Adventure sites include the Pacific Ocean, rivers, mountains, and desert.

AWL’s recreational activities are based in the greater Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area, with offices in Forest Grove. Accommodating all ages, AWL’s aim is to help individuals build confidence in themselves and see their own potential – all while enjoying and learning more about the outdoors.

The organization has a 25-year history, and AWL’s staff takes pride in serving anybody of any age and ability, and making it possible for them to participate in outdoor activities. “We’re able to think outside the box,” explained Executive Director Jill Weir. “We’re innovative in how to make it possible for people with disabilities to participate. And we have a variety of adaptive equipment. Sometimes we even surprise parents at what the participants can do.

“We have the expertise because this program was founded by a special-education director for the school district, and we have a 12-year history of inclusive outdoor adventure – it’s open to everybody.”

Ms. Weir concluded, “We do a lot of really great things – canoeing, rafting, kayaking. It’s one of very few programs like this in the country.”

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