Spring 2003 Forward to a Friend

Many drivers prefer the fuel efficiency and fuller control of a manual transmission in their vehicle. Driving with a manual transmission on hilly terrain can present challenges, though. Some drivers struggle to simultaneously work the clutch, brake and accelerator pedals to prevent rolling back after stopping on a steep hill.

Subaru has a solution for this challenging situation. 2003 Forester models with manual transmissions feature a unique device called the Hill-Holder™ System. Remarkable in its simplicity, this easy-to-use mechanism enables drivers to start the vehicle smoothly on uphill grades. It’s not an add-on accessory; it’s designed into the vehicle’s braking system, and cannot be retrofitted to earlier models.

When you stop on a hill, you fully depress the clutch pedal and brake pedal. As long as you keep the clutch fully depressed, braking force is retained by the Hill-Holder System, and you can remove your right foot from the brake pedal without fear of the vehicle rolling backward. When it’s time to go, your right foot will be free to depress the accelerator pedal as you pull away. As you gradually release the clutch, the brakes release automatically.

For a firsthand demonstration of a Hill-Holder-equipped Subaru, visit your authorized Subaru dealer. To request a full-color brochure on any Subaru model, call (800) WANT-AWD [(800) 926-8293].

Inside the System

The Hill-Holder System operates within the braking system of the vehicle. As you travel on a flat road or a downhill grade, a ball remains at the front of the system’s Pressure Hold Valve, and the valve remains open. When you stop on an uphill grade and depress both the clutch and brake pedals, the ball rolls to the rear of the Pressure Hold Valve, sealing the opening. The closed valve maintains hydraulic braking pressure even after the brake pedal is released.