Spring 2004 Forward to a Friend

Students wanting a snack in many Philadelphia schools can choose nutritious ones, including fruits, vegetables and non-carbonated juices. The schools in which School Markets have taken root have seen improvements in health, attendance and the overall spirit of the students. Much of this is the result of inroads made by The Food Trust's School Market Program during the last dozen years. Subaru provides financial support for the School Market Program.

The Food Trust operates farmers' markets throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and supports public school programs in the Philadelphia area. Its mission is to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food.

Nutrition With a Twist

The School Market Program is designed for grades K through 12. The program has three goals:
  1. Increase access to affordable and nutritious foods
  2. Improve the health of children and adults through better nutrition
  3. Support local farms and sustain the environment
Teachers in the program integrate nutrition into their subject matter, receiving training from The Food Trust throughout the year. "It's a nutrition education program with a twist," explains Megan Hollinger, Program Manager for the School Market Program. "We're training teachers to do the nutrition education, and we provide access to healthy food."

Students in the program open a store in the school, where they sell
fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks to fellow students and
Students involved in the School Market Program learn about agriculture, nutrition, food and business.
teachers. As part of the process, students involved with the store learn about nutrition, agriculture, food and business. Hands-on training helps to prepare the students for life beyond school.

In 1996, the program existed in one classroom in one school. Today, it's in 200 classrooms in 19 schools. Support provided by Subaru is helping The Food Trust to expand the School Market Program to even more schools. "Part of our goal is to take this program nationwide – into other school districts outside Philadelphia," says Duane Perry, Executive Director of The Food Trust.

Schools interested in the program can contact Duane Perry or Megan Hollinger at The Food Trustwww.thefoodtrust.org.