Spring 2004 Forward to a Friend

The perspective of the Subaru Difference affects all of the company's programs, including vehicle design and engineering, product quality, the dealership experience, employee training, customer service and overall vehicle sales and service. Critical to making this philosophy viable are the employees, the human resources of Subaru of America, Inc.

A human resources department plays a vital role in choosing and forming a company's staff and setting the tone for its corporate culture. Drive conversed with Scott Mogren, Vice President – Human Resources about what makes Subaru such a caring company.

What kind of people do you look for when you're hiring?

"To understand what we look for in our
personnel, it's important to understand
who we are as a company. As a
company, we're well-defined. We know
Scott Mogren, Vice President – Human Resources
who we are and who our customers are. The core values of our all-wheel-drive product are safety, reliability, confidence, control, value and versatility. Our customers consider these to be important attributes. Subaru customers have active lifestyles; they are technologically sophisticated; and they champion environmental issues and education.

"For the product to be what it is, it needs quality people behind it. Our job in human resources is to enhance the company's products and services, to deliver and develop people who can support and be passionate about our products and our business.

"So we look for employees who hold similar values. We try to match our human resources with our product. We want to build and nurture a corporate culture that supports the values that our vehicles represent."

Can you give us a snapshot of Subaru of America's people?

"Subaru purposefully gathers together people who are diverse in their perspectives, life experiences and backgrounds. Working together, these employees capably develop and implement comprehensive services for the broad range of customers that Subaru serves.

"The criteria for employment at Subaru ultimately leads to a diversity of age, ethnicity and gender."

Subaru has dramatically low employee turnover and many employees can measure their careers at Subaru in decades. To what do you attribute such employee loyalty?

"Subaru trains its employees not only for the job for which they were hired, but for their future career paths as well.

"We also spend a lot of time training our employees about our product and its uniqueness. Not only are we keeping our dealers up-to-date through product training and technical training, we provide that for all our employees. That becomes very important when dealing with customers. We want our employees to be knowledgeable and passionate about our products and the Subaru brand.

"Employees and the human resources department staff also work together to determine career development paths and the necessary training for reaching career goals and objectives. We're always trying to help our people do better."

How does this benefit the customer?

"Value is placed on input from all Subaru employees. Because of their diverse perspectives, life experiences and backgrounds, our employees can build strong relationships with customers. We can readily understand and address customer needs. These relationships build partnerships.

"Subaru of America employees are knowledgeable and loyal, which contributes to their providing high levels of service and efficiency to customers.

"This company has a heart and soul, and our goal is that the culture that we develop here touches the community in a meaningful way."

[Drive note: Subaru has won awards for its efforts to create a supportive and productive work environment. Read about them by going to www.subaru.com and navigating through "Home" to "About Subaru" and then to "Careers at Subaru." Within the text is a link to "Check out our awards."]

How does the Subaru corporate culture reach into the community?

"As a foundation, Subaru builds premium products. Our human resources department staff plays an active role in recruiting the necessary employee support for that product. The employees build a caring culture that people experience throughout the company. That caring aspect of our culture then extends into the community.

The Subaru Customer Philosophy
Subaru will consistently build customer loyalty, create customer advocates and strengthen brand value by providing superior purchase and ownership experiences.

"Our support of community programs around the country isn't just financial. For example, we allow employees release time to volunteer in the

"This company has a heart and soul, and our goal is that the culture that we develop here spills out into the community."

community. We tutor in local schools and volunteer in numerous community efforts. Recently, Subaru employees across the country worked as volunteers during company time on Martin Luther King Day, helping with food drives, with clothing drives, in hospice centers, with boys and girls clubs and on many other projects.

"These activities represent our company's philosophy in the community. They emanate from who we are."

[Drive note: For more about community partnerships with Subaru, go to www.subaru.com and navigate through "Home" to "About Subaru" and finally to "Subaru in the Community."]