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Jeanne Stawiecki ? Peak Performer

Jeanne Stawiecki

In February 2007, Subaru owner Jeanne Stawiecki completed the Antarctica Marathon and unofficially broke a world record by completing marathons on seven continents in 141 days. Three months later, Stawiecki achieved an even greater milestone: Climbing to the peak of Mount Everest, she became the first woman in the world to summit the highest peak and complete a marathon on each of the seven continents.

“This was my third attempt on Everest, and I believe I was successful because I wouldn’t accept failure,” she said. “I focused all my thoughts and persevered when I ran into problems, and by staying the course I succeeded.”

Stawiecki’s story is particularly inspiring because her athletic ambition didn’t emerge until middle age. At 44, she resolved to become more fit and healthy. She kicked her two-pack-a-day smoking habit and started exercising seriously – eventually taking up climbing in her 50s.

Her optimism and perseverance paid off, even in the face of some health issues. “I feel people give up too easily when they encounter problems, and because of this, they never realize success,” Stawiecki said.

Eight years ago, Stawiecki decided to purchase her 1999 Subaru Forester. Room to carry her climbing gear was important, but dependability was a must – because when she’s not climbing mountains or running marathons, Stawiecki works in anesthesia. “A good percentage of the anesthesiologists I work with drive Subaru vehicles because we need a car we can rely on,” she said.

About the future, Stawiecki commented, “I am in the process of writing a book about what I went through to succeed on Everest and to succeed in all the marathons. I’d like to help others succeed at their dreams.”

Read more about Stawiecki at www.sevenin2007.com.