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To the Rim of the World

We are avid Subaru fans, founders of a Web site for Forester owners, and own two Foresters and two Subaru SVX automobiles. We have been touched by the overwhelming response to the “Love” campaign.

Our ’04 Forester XT has taken us on many journeys throughout the western United States, from the Subaru-sponsored Rim of the World Rally (as volunteers going up the fire trails to timing control) to the Laughlin International Rally (as participants in the Jaos-Magellan Adventure Rally). This Forester has taken us through every imaginable condition with no complaints. We have over 115,000 miles on it and fully expect another couple hundred thousand miles without issues.

We were taking a mini-vacation in Mendocino, California, when we took this photograph. This Forester is slightly special. It has STi Brembo front brakes and Legacy GT rear brakes to slow down from the power of the STi turbo with STi intercooler. On the front is a JDM STi Forester front lip and JDM ’02-’03 STi hood scoop.

– Gregory and Silke Smith, Sebastopol, CA

Outback to Baja


I was born in Mexico in a very poor family. In 1996, I moved to the U.S. to better my life, and, through education and hard work, I have made something of myself.

I love to snowboard and drive my Outback to Baja Mexico, but I am also involved with orphanages in the rural parts of Baja California, Mexico.

This past weekend I visited Rancho Milagro, just south of Rosarito. My Outback was full of donations for the kids, and I love the fact that my wagon helps me bring help to the children.

– Hugo Mosqueda, Long Beach, CA


Ready to Serve

In the course of a year as a ham radio operator, I volunteer at many charity events, including bike rides, walks, races, etc., providing radio, communications, transportation, or other support as needed. My 2007 Outback is an important part of my volunteering activities.

Many event participants look for me and my Outback along the route, knowing help is nearby if needed. Here I am blocking a lane of traffic, under direction from the state police, on the Bourne Bridge in Massachusetts for about 2,000 riders in the Multiple Sclerosis Society Cape Cod Getaway.

– Rick Savage, Revere, MA

Pumpkin Carver

Washington Carver

I love the flexibility of my first Subaru Outback. As soon as I bought it, I did what I had always wanted to do with a car: drive on National Park and BLM dirt roads in the deserts of California and Nevada. In summer! When temperatures regularly break the 120s! My new Outback, let loose in the outback, performed flawlessly in the heat and the dirt.

But then fall came, and I had to go back to work at St. Martin’s University, near Olympia, Washington. I am an English teacher and live in faculty housing on campus. One of my favorite events to host is the annual Halloween pumpkin carving. I got a carful of student volunteers and headed down to the local pumpkin patch. We came back with a trunkful of pumpkins and were still carving even after the students should have gone back to their homework.

– Jeff Birkenstein, Lacey, WA

Challenging Driveway Editor’s note: When taking your Subaru off-road, use commonsense precautions. Please consult Driving Tips in your Owner’s Manual.

Challenging Driveway

We have been a Subaru family for almost 12 years now. Last March we were in Sedona, Arizona, and the place where we were staying required we maneuver a rushing stream to get in. Wanted to share this with you.

– Mary Ellen Bertkau, Brookfield, CT