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See our Complete Instructions (In PDF format).

The MORE you love adventure, the more you’ll enjoy the benefits of the compass feature that is built into the rearview mirror of many Subaru vehicles. Whether you’re in Toledo or Timbuktu, the compass helps drivers travel safely and confidently to their destinations. The compass is a great convenience, especially when navigating detours or exploring unfamiliar territory. And the auto-dimming feature automatically darkens the mirror when headlights are detected from the rear of the vehicle.

Genuine Subaru compass mirrors have a compass display located beneath the mirror glass which leaves the mirror’s entire field of view uncluttered. The mirror is the ideal location for the compass display because the driver’s eyes naturally glance at the mirror several times each minute.

Keep in mind that several compass zones exist, so moving from New York to Seattle would warrant a zone change for best results. Also, on rare occasions, you may need to recalibrate your compass. You’ll realize this when the display shows only one direction, or a limited number of directions, no matter which way you are traveling.

Not to worry … calibration is a cinch. It’s a simple matter of verifying the zone setting and starting the calibration mode, as described in the “Ask Technical” section on this page and in your Owner’s Manual. This process should take only a few minutes to complete. See our Complete Instructions (In PDF format).

Most drivers agree that once you become accustomed to having a compass in your mirror, you simply feel lost without it.

How can I reset the compass in my auto-dimming rear-view mirror if it becomes inaccurate?

Restoring compass accuracy is a simple two-step process.

1. Set ZONE:

a) The ZONE number is factory preset to ZONE 8. Refer to “Compass ZONE Map” to verify what compass ZONE setting is correct for your geographical location.

b) To change the compass ZONE setting, press and hold the button to the right of the display for approximately 3 seconds until the word ZONE is visible in the display, then release the button. When the button is released, the display will show ZONE and the current ZONE number. Press the right-hand button repeatedly to cycle the display through all possible ZONE numbers (1-15). Stop cycling when the display shows the correct ZONE number for your geographical location.

c) After approximately 3 seconds of inactivity, the compass display will return to normal operation and the new ZONE number will be set.

2. Calibrate the Compass:

a) Drive to an open, level area away from large metallic objects or structures.

b) For optimum results, switch off all nonessential electrical accessories (A/C, blower, wipers, defrost, etc.) and close all doors.

c) Press and hold the left button for approximately 3 seconds until the word “CAL” is visible in the display, then release the button. This puts the compass into Calibration mode. “CAL” and a direction will be displayed.

d) Drive slowly in a circle (about two or three times) until “CAL” disappears from the display and then verify compass accuracy.

See our Complete Instructions (In PDF format).