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is a company-wide, customer-focused corporate philosophy that puts the Subaru customer first in all decisions and actions. This perspective affects all of the company’s programs, including vehicle design and engineering, product quality, the improvement of the dealership environment, employee training, customer service and overall vehicle sales and service.

George Dubinsky,
Subaru of America, Inc.

Your experience at your Subaru dealership’s sales and service departments helps define your opinion of the dealership, its employees, products and practices. Subaru is extremely interested in not only meeting but also exceeding all of your expectations, and in continuously fine-tuning its products and services. The company regularly gauges all facets of your relationship with Subaru through its Owner Loyalty Program (OLP) customer surveys.

“The purpose of the program,” says George Dubinsky, Owner Information Manager for Subaru of America, Inc., “is to provide our dealers with information that they can use for operational improvement. It’s really to gauge your experience and help make your next experience – or the experience of the customers who follow you – better.”

The surveys are designed to be quick and easy to complete, and can even be completed via the Internet.

Purchase Experience Survey

Purchase Experience Survey

Subaru owners are introduced to the company’s survey program through the Purchase Experience Survey, which is scheduled to arrive shortly after you take delivery of your new vehicle. In it, you’re asked to rate several key aspects of your purchasing experience, from the time you arrived at the dealership through when you took delivery of your vehicle.

“The findings of the program are reported back to the dealer and reviewed by our field management team,” Dubinsky says. “The dealers can use the survey results to make operational adjustments if they need to, whether it has to do with their negotiation methods, their hours of operation, their facilities, or even how they greet cusomers. The results really help the dealers make their customers’ experiences better.”

Service Experience Survey

Service Experience Survey

As you return to the dealership to have your vehicle serviced, you may receive a Service Experience Survey. It’s sent to owners of new and used Subaru vehicles after warranty work is completed at a Subaru dealership. Even years after you drive your new vehicle off the lot, Subaru wants to make sure you’re satisfied with the service your dealership provides.

Subaru also sends out a Product Survey to a sampling of new Subaru owners every year. Unlike the company’s other surveys, the Product Survey is intended to measure the quality of the owner’s new Subaru vehicle. The survey helps ensure that new owners are satisfied with the performance, fit and finish of their new vehicle. “It also includes a section where owners can suggest improvements or changes they would like to see on future models,” says Dubinsky. “Our designers and engineers look very closely at that survey, for customer imput and quality perception and direction on features and attributes.”

According to Dubinsky, Subaru has plans to introduce an additional survey that will go out to Subaru owners who have been driving their vehicle for several years, and may be thinking it’s time to add a new Subaru to their garage. “We want to get a better understanding of what their wants and needs are, so as they approach a repurchase time, we’ll be prepared for their reappearance in the dealership,” Dubinsky says.

Strict confidence

Your personal information is held in the strictest confidence by Subaru to help protect your privacy.

All of the surveys Subaru distributes ask you to answer several demographic questions, such as your profession, age and interests. This information is held in the strictest confidence, and is valuable to Subaru for a number of reasons that help Subaru tailor your ownership experience. These results are reviewed on an aggregated level, but never with specific owner information attached.

“Because that information helps us better understand who you are, we can improve our channels of communication to you,” Dubinsky says. “That covers everything from Drive, our owner magazine, to our Internet presence, to our affiliations, to our involvement in local events. It’s definitely influenced some of the sponsorships we’ve established with nonprofit organizations, too.”

All of the surveys Subaru sends you help us gauge our performance and make sure we’re still meeting your expectations. Your long-term loyalty is important to us, and we appreciate your participation in this important program. “We always hear from a large number of Subaru owners every time we approach them with a survey,” Dubinsky says. “I’d like to thank each and every one of them personally for their part in helping improve the Subaru experience. That communication is at the heart of what makes The Subaru Difference work.”