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Quick Stops

If you’re ever tempted to leave your pet in your parked vehicle this summer – even for a few minutes while you run a quick errand – think again. Within minutes, the inside of your car can reach temperatures of 120 degrees or more. Even cracked windows can’t protect your pet from overheating or suffering from heat stroke during hot summer days. If you plan to leave your vehicle, even briefly, keep Fluffy safe at home.

Maintaining correct tire pressures improves your vehicle’s handling and braking response, reduces tire operating temperatures and improves tire life. Check your pressures at least once a month when tires are cold and before any long journey.

Using a tire gauge, adjust the tire pressures to the values shown on the tire placard. The placard is located on the door pillar on the driver’s side. For further instructions, refer to your Subaru Owner’s Manual.

Annoying rattles may have a simple solution. Often, an extra set of keys, loose coins or CD cases are the culprits behind unexplained noises. Before you call for service, be sure to check your door pockets, glove box and console for possible sources of the clatter.

If you have a question about your Subaru, contact your authorized Subaru dealer or call Subaru Customer/Dealer Service at (800) SUBARU3 or e-mail us at

Cruise control is a convenient feature that allows you to maintain your vehicle speed without having to hold your foot on the accelerator. However, many drivers are surprised to learn that cruise control should never be used on slippery or wet roads.

Other conditions that warrant turning cruise control off include:
• driving on winding roads.
• driving up or down a steep grade.
• driving in heavy traffic.

Make sure the system’s main switch remains in the “Off” position when the cruise control is not in use to avoid unintentional activation. For more information, please refer to the “Cruise Control” section of your Owner’s Manual.

How do I load one CD?

Press one of the “Disc Select” buttons numbered one through six. The indicator light will blink, allowing you 15 seconds to insert your disc. The player will automatically draw your disc in, and the first track will begin to play.

How do I load all six discs?

Press and hold the first “Disc Select” button (1) until all indicators begin blinking. You are now in full disc-loading mode! Each indicator will stop blinking and remain illuminated when a disc is successfully loaded. As each consecutive disc indicator blinks, simply load the next disc. If you don’t insert a CD within the 15-second time frame, the entire disc-loading sequence will be canceled.

How do I remove a CD?

Press the numbered “Disc Select” button of the disc you wish to eject. Then press the “Eject” button and the selected disc will be ejected and its indicator will begin to blink.

Can I remove all the discs at once?

Easily. Press and hold the “Eject” button until all indicators begin blinking. The first disc will eject. Once you remove it, the other loaded discs will be ejected one after another.

How do I switch to a new loaded CD when another selection is playing?

Just press the “Disc Select” button of the CD you wish to play, or press the disc up/disc down button on the radio unit to select your chosen disc. The first track of the newly selected CD will automatically begin playing.

What if my Subaru is equipped with a single CD player and an In-Dash 6-Disc Changer?

Some Subaru vehicles feature a factory AM/FM radio with a CD player and an in-dash 6-disc changer. The single CD player operates independently of the six CDs in the in-dash changer – but you can play as many as seven CDs! Refer to the Owner’s Manual for complete operating instructions.