Summer 2004 Forward to a Friend

five years ago, Subaru management selected a project team to begin the process of developing, engineering and building the next-generation Legacy and Outback. That process was complex, involving contributions from every part of the company. The all-new fourth-generation Legacy and third-generation Outback vehicles in the showrooms today required intense communication, teamwork and skill to produce.

This issue of Drive shows the process Subaru has in place to produce premium vehicles you can enjoy according to your lifestyle. We won’t follow the sharpening of every design pencil or the tightening of every assembly bolt, but we do hope to give you a sense of the commitment that Subaru has made in designing and manufacturing every one of its products.

The story of our new 2005 Legacy and Outback (built on the same platform) touches on many aspects of automaking, some of which you may not have considered previously. It begins with vehicle concept and follows through to preparation for maintenance and repair. We hope you enjoy learning more about the newest vehicles in our lineup.

Concept: Active Driving, Active Safety