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Designed to prevent unauthorized engine start-up, the immobilizer system is incorporated in the vehicle’s keys. Only keys registered with the vehicle’s immobilizer system can operate it. Another Subaru key might be able to turn the switch to START, but the engine will shut off after a few seconds.

The immobilizer transponder
is contained within the key.

Each immobilizer key contains a transponder in which the key’s identification code is stored. When a key is inserted into the ignition switch and turned to the ON position, the transponder transmits the key’s code to the immobilizer system’s receiver. If the code matches the one that is registered in the immobilizer system, the system allows the engine to start and run. The process is almost instantaneous, so it functions transparently to the driver.

Only a Subaru dealer can replace a key with the immobilizer system built into it. New keys must be registered for use with the vehicle before they can be used. It is possible to register multiple keys for use with one vehicle.


The new Legacy and Outback have
greater maximum trailer-towing
capacities than previous models:

2005 Legacy
and Outback
Maximum gross
trailer weight
Maximum gross
tongue weight
3.0-liter engine models 3,000 pounds 200 pounds
All other models 2,700 pounds 200 pounds


THE COMPARTMENT SEPARATOR is a metal screen that can be used to partition the cargo area from the passenger seats. For the 2005 Legacy and Outback wagons, installing and removing the separator does not require tools.

Separating pets and cargo from the passenger area enhances safety in a sudden stop or impact.


The center armrest extension allows the armrest to be raised and moved forward. The choice of positioning adds to driver and front-passenger comfort.

The guard on the lower portion of the Outback’s front bumper helps to protect the bumper, especially when driving off-road. While adding to durability, the guard also enhances the Outback’s rugged appearance.

Wearing the STi motorsports brand (named after Subaru Tecnica International), the short-throw shifter enhances the sporty feel of the Legacy and Outback with manual transmission. The shifter allows quicker shifting with reduced arm movement. Both front-to-back and side-to-side movement are reduced from the standard shifter, making gear changes quicker and more precise, which enhances performance.


A security system, engine immobilizer and shock (impact) sensor are all available for the 2005 Legacy and Outback models as follows:
  • Security system (basic alarm) — standard on all models
  • Immobilizer — standard on all models except the Legacy 2.5i and 2.5i Limited models and the Outback 2.5i and 2.5i Limited models
  • Shock sensor — optional on all models
Security system: The system flashes an indicator light when the alarm system has been triggered. The number of flashes indicates the location of the intrusion or the severity of an impact on the vehicle.

Immobilizer: As detailed, the immobilizer electronically prevents the engine from starting if an incorrect key is used.

Shock sensor: Located under the front-passenger seat, the shock sensor triggers the alarm system upon sensing an impact to the vehicle. The degree and length of the alarm depend on the strength of the impact. A light impact causes the horn to chirp twice and the lights to flash twice. Harder impacts trigger the alarm and the flashing lights for 30 seconds.