Summer 2004 Forward to a Friend

Our Turn: A Letter from Subaru of America

That this summer issue of Drive substantially departs from the norm will become quite apparent from turning just a few pages. Here’s why it’s different.

We at Subaru of America are so excited about the new 2005 Legacy and Outback that we want to share with you the project we’ve been living with for quite a while. Depending on our individual roles in the company, the new Legacy and Outback have occupied our lives for months and even years. Bringing a new vehicle to market is a complex, all-consuming endeavor for any automaker, especially when the end result represents as impressive and significant a change as the new vehicles.

And that’s the story we want to tell. Because of our excitement, we feel it’s the story we have to tell.
These vehicles have already proven themselves in other parts of the world.

All-New Legacy – “Car of the Year Japan”

The new Legacy (a 2005 model in the United States) was named Car of the Year Japan 2003-2004. Kyoji Takenaka, president and CEO of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., commented on the award: “It is our greatest pleasure to receive the most prestigious award of Car of the Year Japan. We designed the Legacy to be ‘unique and emotional’ to satisfy those who love cars and love the feeling of driving performance all over the world.”

All-New Legacy – Awards in New Zealand

The new Legacy 2.5i (a 2005 model in the United States) has been named the New Zealand AA Autocar Car of the Year for 2004. It was also chosen the Best Medium-size Car by the New Zealand Automobile Association and New Zealand Autocar magazine. Car of the Year testing involved 31 cars that included the Honda Accord Euro and Nissan 350Z. The Legacy 2.5i earned high marks for steering responsiveness, braking feel and quiet ride.

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