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Subaru officially introduced the B9 Tribeca at
Detroit’s North American International Auto
Show in early January.

The B9 Tribeca offers a combination of qualities not available together in any competitive vehicle. These are:

1. Dynamic styling
2. Engaging drivability
3. Real-world versatility

A competitor might have one or even two of these qualities, but not all three. In this way, the B9 Tribeca is a unique seven-passenger SUV.

As the new flagship of the Subaru lineup, the B9 Tribeca is built to be the best vehicle in its segment. It surpasses competitors cited as benchmark vehicles through development. High styling, proven chassis components and a flexibly useful interior are combined in this one vehicle.

In practical terms, the B9 Tribeca meets the needs of families who have grown up using Subaru vehicles, but who need more space for cargo and more seats for family members. The B9 Tribeca is the largest vehicle ever built by Subaru, with seating up to seven. It’s well-equipped, at an extremely competitive price.

The first production unit came off the Subaru of Indiana Automotive assembly line on April 4, 2005. You can see one at your local Subaru dealership now.