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Subaru dealers are moving into the next generation of diagnostics with the wireless Subaru Diagnostic System (SDS). SDS is designed to give service personnel quick access to information about your vehicle from anywhere in the dealership. Technicians will be able to find technical, warranty, vehicle and customer information as well as communicate with Subaru service technical support. The service staff will be able to do all this without having to leave the vehicle or the customer, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Besides diagnostics, the system allows technicians to improve skills and knowledge through the Web-based Subaru Learning Management System.

Some of the SDS capabilities include:

•  High-speed vehicle data-stream analysis via Subaru Select Monitor III scan tool technology
•  More than 120,000 pages of Web-based information, service and diagnostic manuals, technical newsletters, campaign information, warranty guides, training manuals and more through the Subaru Technical Information System (STIS)
•  Web-based technical-training classes or registration for off-site training using the Subaru Learning Management System
•  Communication of vehicle product conditions, customer descriptions of complaints and suggestions directly to Subaru Technical Services with Electronic Quality Monitoring Reports
•  Vehicle warranty claim history, warranty coverage and general inquiry
•  Web-site links to the Subaru Parts Catalog