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6 Ways to Improve Mileage •  Wiper Blades – Change Is Good •  Visibility and the B9 Tribeca’s Multifunction Screen
Towing Package/Towing Capacity •  Crossbars •  Puddle Lamps •  Auto-Dimming Mirror/Compass

Even when driving a fuel-efficient vehicle, you can still improve gas mileage by how you operate it.

Here are six causes of bad mileage over which you could exercise some control:

1.  Cold weather idling (starting the engine and returning to the house)
2.  Short trips (engine doesn’t reach operating temperature)
3.  Stop-and-go traffic (commuting, rush-hour traffic, frequent trips to the store)
4.  Quick acceleration from stop signs or traffic lights
5.  Terrain (mountains/hills)
6.  Prolonged idling with the air conditioner turned on

When making decisions while driving, a driver’s vision provides 90 percent of the information he or she needs. Without properly functioning wiper blades in inclement weather, some of that input is lost.

Changing blades on a regular basis is an excellent safety practice. The rule of thumb for changing wiper blades is to replace them every six months, even though they could possibly last a few months longer. If you wait for them to streak or rip apart, you’ve waited too long.

The multifunction/navigation screen in the B9 Tribeca features a liquid crystal display with a polarized filter. If you wear polarized sunglasses and try to read the screen, it may appear dark. That is due to the polarizing elements in the glasses and the screen lining up and blocking the passage of light.

The amount of light allowed to pass varies with the angle of one polarizing element in relation to the other. The inclination of the sunglasses relative to the screen determines how dark the image appears. This is the same phenomenon you may experience when trying to read displays on gas pumps at some filling stations while wearing polarized sunglasses.

The 2006 B9 Tribeca has a standard towing capacity of 2,000 pounds. Adding the accessory towing package – which includes a transmission-oil cooler – increases towing capacity to 3,500 pounds.

The accessory crossbars for the B9 Tribeca have fixed mounting points on the roof. The crossbars remove easily using a 10-millimeter socket and wrench. After removing the crossbars, plug the holes for the mounts’ attachment points with the plastic covers supplied with the vehicle.

Accessory puddle lamps for the B9 Tribeca are mounted underneath each of the four doors. The lamps provide additional ground lighting to help make entry and exit both safer and easier.

The puddle lamps work in conjunction with the dome lamp and the keyless entry system. Unlocking the B9 Tribeca from the outside using the keyless entry system turns on the puddle lamps along with the interior lights. Puddle lamps remain lit until the interior lights dim or the vehicle is locked.

The auto-dimming mirror accessory includes a compass. Bright light shining on the mirror from the rear causes the surface to darken to reduce glare. This improves the driver’s vision and contributes to active safety. The mirror’s surface automatically returns to its original state under normal lighting.

Compass readings displayed on the mirror provide a constant, easily read reminder of the vehicle’s direction, adding to driving convenience.