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Top 10 Contributing Factors in Car Crashes and Near Misses •  No Power Loss! •  Car Care Packages
2007 B9 Tribeca Accessories •  Oil Requirements •  Five Facts About Windshields

1.  Drowsiness
2.  Dialing a cell phone or other hand-held device
3.  Talking/listening to hand-held device
4.  Reading
5.  Eating
6.  Applying makeup
7.  Reaching for object
8.  Reaching for moving object
9.  Looking at surroundings
10.  Insect in vehicle

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

When comparing specifications for 2006 and 2007 Subaru vehicles, many of the engines will appear to have lost power. The 2007 models are listed with less horsepower and torque.

The engines haven?t changed, and their power output is the same. However, the method for measuring engine power is different. It?s based on a revised standard recommended by the Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. (SAE) two years ago. This was intended to more accurately reflect actual engine performance.

To perform periodic maintenance checks and to be prepared in case of an emergency, here are some basic items to carry in a car care kit:Car Care Package
Assorted basic tools in addition to the vehicle’s tire-changing equipment (hammer, standard and Phillips screwdrivers, adjustable wrench)
Pliers and wire cutters
Flashlight with extra batteries
Windshield washer fluid
Tire pressure gauge
Jumper cables
Extra oil
Duct tape
Extra money
“Cheat sheet” – what to do with each of the items


Special Edition Package: The package enhances the vehicle’s appearance with a chrome/polished stainless-steel mesh grille, 18-inch chrome-finish alloy wheels and an XM® Satellite Radio.

Reverse Assist Sensors: Ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper detect objects behind the vehicle when backing up or parallel parking, and the system warns the driver with audible tones.

Remote Engine Starter: This accessory allows the vehicle to be started from 200 to 400 feet, depending on obstructions, to warm up the interior for added comfort and convenience.

Dome Reading Lights: Independent on/off control focuses light to either the left or right second-seat passenger (for vehicles without Rear Seat Entertainment).

Retractable Luggage Compartment Cover: The cover enhances vehicle security by hiding cargo from view. It retracts with a spring-loaded mechanism for ease of use and is easily installed and removed.

Subaru Gear by L.L.Bean®: L.L.Bean now offers the B9 Tribeca collection, including shirts, shoulder bags and jackets. Visit to see these and more than 40 other new items added during the last year.

Besides changing oil on a regular basis according to your vehicle’s maintenance program, the oil should have the correct rating. American Petroleum Institute (API) rating seals on oil containers indicate the oil’s specifications. Using oil that meets or exceeds those specifications maintains engine performance, while using inferior oils can cause damage to the engine.

Check your Owner’s Manual for the specification of engine oil required by your vehicle.

1.  Windshields function as part of a vehicle’s body structure, adding to structural strength and rigidity.
2.  Windshields can help front-passenger air bags to function properly in frontal impacts.
3.  Windshields can help minimize roof crush in rollovers.
4.  Proper installation of replacement windshields can involve more than 20 steps.
5.  Properly fitted windshields reduce wind noise, leakage and appearance problems.