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Mountain Sheep

Mountain Goat
Mountain Goat

Mountain Sheep/Mountain Goat

Thanks to many knowledgeable readers (some of whom suggested that we add a naturalist to our staff), we believe that we have sorted out the difference between mountain sheep and mountain goats.
Young(est) Fan

We wanted to tell you how much we enjoy the magazine – particularly the articles about features on the existing and upcoming Subaru models. Even our 17-month-old daughter Kate enjoys reading it.

Kevin and Cathy Hoffmann,
Pittsburgh, PA

Avoidance and Boxer Engines

In “The Subaru Safety Story,” you ask, “In your driving experience, have you ever had to swerve to avoid something that suddenly appeared?”

The answer to that is a definite “Yes!”

A couple of years ago on a visit to Maryland, I was in our Subaru Forester with my wife and her brother as passengers, driving toward Baltimore on I-795 and traveling at about 60 mph when the car in front suddenly moved to the right. There, in the middle lane, was a ladder! I had to swerve suddenly to avoid the danger, and, fortunately, we were in a vehicle with a Boxer engine and a low center of gravity; for while the Forester leaned over on straightening out, we safely maintained control.

Any other SUV, I fear, would’ve rolled over.

Thank you Subaru!

Also, I recall that in the immediate post-WWII period in Britain there was a car named the Jowett Javelin with a four-cylinder, flat-four, opposed-cylinder engine.

Charles Probett,
Boca Raton, FL


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Can Two Travelers from New England Find Happiness on Palomar Mountain?

Visit to Palomar
After reading the article you had about Palomar Mountain, we added it to our list of things to see. As stated in the article, the mountain road up to the telescope was awesome! A windy, steep road a Subaru enthusiast from New England could only dream about was the only way to the top. Great views and a unique experience!

Thanks for the heads up!

Joshua Rand and Glen Watkins,
Worcester, MA,

Easy to Load

With back problems, I discovered it was much easier to load my kayak inside my Subaru Legacy L wagon rather than on top. There’s plenty of room for my gear, too.
Thank you for contributing to the enjoyment of this sport!

Sharon Middleton,
Banning, CA

Kayak in Outback