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Forester to the Rescue

High in the Montana Rockies last summer, our trusty 2003 Subaru Forester became a backwoods rescue vehicle for 10 lost hikers. That’s right, 12 full-grown people in one Subaru on a desolate bumpy, dusty fire road in the Rockies!

While hiking a portion of the Lewis and Clark Trail, the hikers lost sight of the trail. They were missing for hours. Those of us back at Lolo Hot Springs Campground knew these folks would be hot, tired, and dehydrated by the time we set out in the Subaru (stocked with water bottles) to look for them. They were discovered walking on a fire road and very happy to see us.

All 10 of them piled in along with the driver and “co-pilot” for a dusty six-mile drive back to the campground. We had three in the front seats, five in the back seat, and four in the cargo area with the back cargo door wide open.

This car had over 120,000 miles on it, and it’s our fourth Subaru. Several members of the tired troop were overheard saying, “This is the next car I’m going to buy!”

– Joe and Marianne Lancaster

Of course, Subaru does not recommend this many passengers. But we’re glad your story had a happy ending! – ed.

One Tough Baja

I’m writing to tell you how much I love my Baja. I have a 2005 Baja Sport. I’ve been able to get a Subaru OEM hard top for her, and I’ve replaced the tires with General AT2s, which are truck tires that fit very well and add to the look of my truck.

My Baja is used as it should be – as a truck. I use it for everything from kayaking to triathlons. When building a base for my shed, she carried 10 tons of stone (in a few loads).

– Patrick Holland, Cheshire, CT


My current Subaru is the 2004 WRX Wagon that is my all-terrain vehicle. Being a Professional Air Sports Association (P.A.S.A.) Certified Kiteboarding Instructor, I need a vehicle that can carry my teaching supplies, kites, and boards. The all-wheel drive helps when I go to beaches that allow you to drive on them. Even the softest sand is no match for the WRX!

With over 97,000 miles, the wagon is still looking good and going strong. My dog, Jacky, likes it, too!

– Robb VanWie, Brunswick, GA

The Right Vehicle for the Right Time

For almost 30 years I have been a wedding cake designer. It took me almost that long to find the right vehicle for transporting my creations.

When I had one vehicle die at a major intersection while delivering a cake and another with a horn that got stuck, I decided it was time. I did my homework and discovered that Subaru owners seem to be borderline fanatics about their cars. Now I know why!

My 2003 Subaru Outback Wagon has been my only vehicle to have seats lie completely flat, not to mention it’s been 100-percent dependable. Dependability is extremely important, since I deliver about 100 wedding cakes a year. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that no matter what kind of weather I encounter, I’m going to get to the chapel on time. That’s important in my business.

My license plate – CAKELDY – advertises what I do.

– Karen Brophy, Elkhorn, NE

Subaru Tent Dryer

Add to the list of what a Subaru can do – dry tents.

We had a very wet tent after a day of rain in Samuel P. Taylor State Park, north of San Francisco. I opened the sunroof and turned on the heater. Warm air blew up into the tent that I balanced over the opening, and, in a few minutes, the tent dried out nicely.

– John Le Pouvoir, Pollock Pines, CA

Solo Rower’s Forester

In Winter 2001 Subaru Drive magazine, you had an article about my wife, Tori Murden McClure, when she bought her first Subaru (Forester) after rowing solo across the Atlantic ... safe boat and safe car.

The enclosed pictures are of her 2004 Forester with three rowing shells of 23 to 26 feet in length. At times there will be two double shells of 34 feet.

We’ve taken many trips with friends and partners to Masters Rowing Events camps and Head Races from Cincinnati to Indianapolis, St. Louis, Oak Ridge, Atlanta, and Charlottesville.

Thanks for a great car and shell transporter.

– Charles McClure, Louisville, KY


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