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Star Cars

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Star Cars

My 5-year-old daughter, Brooke, calls all Subaru vehicles “Star Cars.” Every time she sees a Star Car, she goes crazy with delight. While there aren’t too many of them here in south Florida, she definitely has her fun when we take it to our mountain home in Waynesville, North Carolina. It seems like we see Star Cars everywhere. It becomes a fun game of who will see one first.

Let’s spread the word and get more Floridians to drive Subaru vehicles. We’d love to see them everywhere here, too.

– Sharon and Adam Baron, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Outback Secret Handshake

I had a motorcycle for about nine months. When I was riding, I discovered that motorcyclists had this cool little “wave” that they’d give only to each other when passing – kind of like this little point/wave that said “Hello, fellow cool person.”


We, Outback owners, need the same thing, but what it would be exactly, (my fiancée) Tammy and I couldn’t decide. We tried everything from a “hang loose” handshake, a “Queen of England” wave, to a Three Stooges “Curly head patting.” They all had their own special qualities, but none of them really stood out.

So I thought I’d write Drive magazine to get some additional help on this important decision.

– Michael Hromanik, Murdock, NE

Flower Graphics

Love My Subaru

I decided that my beloved Outback deserved something special. The flowers and dragonflies are custom-made decals that I designed and the design is repeated on both sides of the car. People frequently smile when they pull up next to me at a light and I am often stopped in parking lots by folks who want to make positive comments about the decoration. I’m considering adding a giant sunburst on the hood next summer.

– Phyllis Brown, Glens Falls, NY

Hard-Working Forester

Hard-working Forester

I love my 2003 Subaru Forester. I’ve never owned a car that drives so well, but that’s not all it can do. I’ve hauled shingles for my home when we needed a new roof last year and furniture.

But I never thought I could fit a golf cart in the back. When I went to pick up my Cricket golf cart, the dealer was amazed at how much room the Forester had.

– Terri Morgan, Cameron, SC

Subaru Families

In Montana

We currently have five Subaru vehicles in our immediate family.

  • My wife’s 1999 Impreza L (155,000 miles)
  • My mother’s 2004 Legacy (39,000 miles)
  • My father’s 1999 Legacy SUS (155,000 miles)
  • The family 1997 Legacy Outback (301,000 miles young)
  • My 2003 WRX Wagon (83,000 miles)

The best part, in my experience, about owning a Subaru is being able to lay down tracks in the road for the snowplows to follow.

– Joshua Williamson, Billings, MT

In Utah

We have owned a total of 13 Subaru vehicles over the past couple of years and currently own six. They are a blast in the snow and for our monthly biking trips.

– Mitchell Morse, Eagle Mountain, UT

In Texas

In Texas

In mid-’08, we bought an Outback; in December ’08, we bought another Outback. As outdoor enthusiasts (we have our own personal hiking Web site –, we have taken our Outbacks everywhere from Ohio to Texas.

– Lucian and Mary Loh, Coppell, TX

The True West Begins Where the Pavement Ends

Out West

We’ve had our 2004 Subaru Forester for 150,000 miles. Best car we’ve ever owned. As good now as when it was brand new. It’s been trouble free and dependable. Considering the alternatives, for our kind of exploration, it gets excellent gas mileage. The AWD makes it perfect for efficiently traversing long stretches of maintained (or not) dirt and gravel roads out West, at “reasonable” speeds, and with complete confidence – perfect for finding off-pavement, unimproved campsites, like this one, in central Nevada.

– George and Kristina Grossman, Napa, CA

Into the Blue with “Sue Blue Rue”

Since I took up hang gliding last year, “Sue Blue Rue” (2004 WRX Impreza) has taken on an important new role. The photo shows her carrying two gliders (although it looks like only one). In fact, she’s conveyed as many as three gliders a time up to launch and so is more than a match for some of the SUVs at the flight park.

I thought you’d be interested in this different sort of usage for this model – a Forester or Outback, OK – but it’s a pretty impressive capability for a road car like the WRX Impreza!

– Cathleen O’Connell, Ph.D., Princeton, NJ

Sue Blue Rue