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Remember Last Winter When it Snowed?

No Escape

I thought I would send some photos of my wagon along to you folks at Drive. I have been stationed at Fort George G. Meade in Maryland and thought I would never see snow like I was used to up in my hometown in Massachusetts. Well, this winter has been one wild experience as we just got hit with 30 inches of snow this weekend and are expecting another 20 inches tomorrow. I have never had so much fun in my car and thought I would send along some of the photos I have captured!

– Staff Sgt. Glenn Robertson, U.S. Army, Spencer, MA


Sharing the Love

Apparently, my wife’s car (2002 Legacy L) was feeling the love.

– Eric Bernard, Hudson, NH

Supreme Packing

Supreme Packing

I am always amazed at how much room my 2003 Subaru Forester has! My partner and I own four dogs. We participate in dog shows all over the east coast on the weekends. In addition, I drive my Forester throughout the week on sales calls for work.

We never stop going and neither does the Subaru “Machine.” I have managed to pack two humans, four dogs, eight dog crates, two chairs, a cooler, and luggage. I have been told my packing is supreme, but, truly, it would not be possible if it were not for the space that the Forester provides. It is such a versatile vehicle!

– Susan Deliberto, Gray, ME

Camp Dogwood

Camp Dogwood

Enclosed is a picture taken at Camp Dogwood, located about an hour north of Chicago in Ingleside, Illinois. For people and their dogs, Camp Dogwood ( is a place where dogs roaming off leash, romping on the beach, and running with the pack are not only encouraged but scheduled activities.

When we discovered that so many of the human campers had Subaru vehicles, we decided to take a picture for Drive magazine.

– Susan Knapp, Chicago, IL

Woof Wagon

Woof Wagon

Our four labs (Ellie, Lindy, Logan, and Dasher) love riding in their “Woof Wgn.”

Off to another adventure – a walk (run for the dogs) on the snow cover at Blue Ridge Parkway near Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

– Ann Matthews, Blowing Rock, NC

Outback with Added Character

Outback with Added Character

I am pretty hard on my 2005 Subaru Outback. It is my first Subaru, and it gets me wherever I want to go. The many scrapes all just add character.

The back end is perfect for sitting on to put on my in-line skates, and I love to find a sunny spot and just read with the sun coming through the moonroof or put down the back seat and nap in the back.

Here I am up in the fields after harvest near where I grew up outside of Colfax, Washington.

– Marla McCune, Vancouver, WA

A Local Record

A Local Record

Eight kayaks on my 2006 Forester is a local record, and I even drove the assembly down the rugged Rockville Road in Preston County, West Virginia. But, I think you guys owe me some royalties because the feat has persuaded a few dozen of my boating buddies to buy a Subaru as well!

While I know that eight kayaks are likely to exceed the Owner’s Manual limit, I can attest to the strength of the car. It made it down a road that I routinely watch many vehicles struggle to drive with nothing more than a driver in the driver’s seat.

– Matt Pascal, Pittsburgh, PA

Editor’s note: Of course, Subaru doesn’t recommend such a load on the roof of a Forester. Always refer to and abide by the weight limits in your Owner’s Manual.

Cozy Tent Replacement

My 2006 Outback is a cozier replacement for a tent when I’m too lazy to set up one and can make it anywhere that the mountains of West Virginia can take it, even in the worst of snow. My Subaru can pack in a 17-foot white-water raft and gear for a two-night river trip for six, or tote home my most exhausted friends after a long weekend of snowboarding.

All in all, the best all-round vehicle for anyone trying to get out there and get some fun!

– Jonathan McCallister, Red House, WV

Cozy Tent Replacement

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