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Subaru Urban Assault
Subaru of America, Inc.
Partners with Nitro USA

Under terms of a new agreement between Nitro USA, Inc. Corporation and Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA), Subaru is the official vehicle of Nitro USA, and Nitro USA is the official snowboard of SOA. The two companiesSnowboarder have also established the Subaru-Nitro Snow Militia (SNSM). SNSM is a service providing free snowboard demonstrations for any individual holding a lift ticket during Subaru Master the Mountain instructional ski tour events.

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Subaru of America, Inc. is sponsoring Urban Assault Race™ events at seven locations around the country between June 17 and September 30. These events combine the elements of an adventure race, scavenger hunt, and bike race. Teams of two race through a city to reach check points where they perform fun physical and mental challenges. Racer ages range between seven and 100!

Check points are listed on the event’s Web site prior to the race, and the teams choose their own paths to the check points as well as the order of completion. A standard race distance is approximately 20 miles, including up to 10 check points.

Teams are placed in divisions, with a family division for kids (seven to 12) and their parents/guardians. This division only has five check points with a race distance of 10 miles. For more information, go to