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Quick Stops

When the vehicle is parked facing downhill (top), the front wheels should be turned toward the curb. When parked facing uphill, the front wheels should be turned away from the curb.
Parking Solutions
Parking your Subaru properly is an important part of safe driving. When parking a manual-transmission vehicle, shift the transmission into first gear when parking on an upgrade, and shift the transmission into reverse when parking on a downgrade. Vehicles with automatic transmissions should always be shifted into “Park.”

Never rely on the transmission alone to hold the vehicle in place when it’s parked. When parking your vehicle, always set the parking brake firmly. To set the parking brake, press the brake pedal firmly and hold it down while fully pulling up on the parking brake lever.

When parking on a hill, never leave the front wheels pointing straight ahead. When the vehicle is parked heading up a hill, the front wheels should be turned away from the curb. When it’s parked facing downhill, the front wheels should be turned toward the curb. Should the vehicle accidentally start to roll, it will roll toward the curb, which will catch the front wheel and stop the vehicle.

When the parking brake is set while the engine is running, the parking brake warning light comes on. After starting the vehicle, be sure that the warning light has gone out before the vehicle is driven. For more information, refer to the “Warning and indicator lights” section of your Subaru Owner’s Manual.

Caution for Compact Disc Players

In-dash compact disc (CD) players are a great way to enjoy crystal-clear music in your Subaru. Subaru CD players are designed to play standard 4-3/4-inch-diameter CDs, which carry the “Compact Disc Digital Audio” logo shown here.
Other CDs may cause problems when loading, playing or ejecting due to the complexity of your CD player’s internal mechanism.

To prevent accidental damage to your CD player, don’t use any of the following CDs in your Subaru:
  • Discs with stick-on labels
  • Excessively thick discs
  • Small or irregularly shaped (triangle, rectangle, arrow, etc.) discs
  • Any discs that are scratched or dirty
  • Discs that are bent, chipped or warped
  • Cleaning discs
  • Discs fitted with adaptors or protectors
Should you have a problem with your CD player, contact your local Subaru dealer.

For more information, see our Online Exclusive on caring for you in-dash CD changer or player.