Winter 2004 Forward to a Friend

Establishing a relationship with your Subaru Service Department puts you and your vehicle in the care of trained professionals who have comprehensive resources. They keep a chart of your vehicle's history and, best of all, treat you like a family member.

Subaru Professionals and Resources

The members of the dealer's Service Department are trained by Subaru, making them specialists in the efficient and effective maintenance and repair of your Subaru vehicle. The training is enhanced by experience. These specialists consistently work on Subaru vehicles, learning their personalities and engineering nuances for accurate and efficient diagnosis, maintenance and repair.

Your Subaru Service Department has resources from Subaru that are not usually made available to other service facilities. These include service bulletins, training materials and classes as well as direct access to the technical support staff at Subaru.

Besides that, your Subaru dealer has tools and equipment specific to the maintenance and repair of your particular vehicle. These are sometimes not available at service alternatives or may not be feasible to purchase. In addition, the dealer's Parts Department has thousands of dollars' worth of Subaru parts on hand made specifically for your vehicle.

Your Vehicle's History –
A Family Experience

By returning to your dealer's Service Department for maintenance and repairs, you write a history of your vehicle through parts and service order and repair sheets. When service personnel look up your vehicle on their computer system, it provides a complete history – like a doctor keeping your chart.

Eventually, your vehicle's file will be only secondary, because the advisors and technicians will become familiar with you, your vehicle and even your family. This personal knowledge further helps improve the care that your vehicle receives.

Through an ongoing relationship, you develop a trust that is invaluable if critical repairs need to be made, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that the repairs were made correctly and that your vehicle will operate safely and reliably. Knowing your vehicle's history often increases its value when you trade it in for a new one at the dealership.

Finally, contact with the dealer's Service Department will return you to the dealership and help you remain current with all things pertaining to Subaru, including special value dealer offers. You'll also be kept abreast of developments in Subaru vehicles, accessories and news that can enhance your ownership experience.