Winter 2004 Forward to a Friend

Your Turn Letters from our Readers

Outback Cab

I was introduced to Fordale Oduro, the owner of an Outback that he operates as a taxi cab. He is extremely pleased with his vehicle, especially with its performance in the heavy snows that fell in the Washington, D.C., area last winter. It was one of the only cabs on the road during last winter’s heavy snowfall.

The 2000 Outback now has over 200,000 miles on it.

Harry Crook
Fairfax, VA

Big Bean

Here is a picture of The Big Bean’s L.L.Bean® Subaru (see the license plate)! As you might imagine, The Big Bean is a small but fun little coffee store. When I opened the store almost four years ago, my Subaru was just the right size for hauling around all the coffee beans, biscotti and large coffee pots.

This is my second Subaru Outback, but I still have just one store. At this point, both now smell like coffee!

Deb Hoffman (The Queen Bean)
Severna Park, MD

Deb Hoffman and two of the things she likes best: coffee beans and her Subaru Outback L.L.Bean Edition.

Cello to Go

This is just a little note to brag about the fact that I just logged mile 225,000 on my 1991 Subaru Legacy wagon. The car is simply unstoppable. I've found myself pointing out the odometer to anyone who is sitting in one of the passenger seats.
Joshua Starmer appreciates the versatility of his Subaru to accommodate instruments and friends.

As a cellist who spent his childhood trying to figure out how to fit a cello in a subcompact car, Subaru wagons seem like gifts from God. The fact that I can flip down a small portion of the back seat allows me to transport both my instrument and my friends instead of having to choose between the two.

Joshua Starmer
Raleigh, NC

Born to Baja

I sold a Legacy L Wagon Special Edition to some wonderful folks, Mr. Stickels and his wife, Josie. They came in with their 17-month-old son, Matthew, who was quite energetic. Since we have no playground here for kids, there was only one contained place to put him – the bed of a Baja. He loved the Baja so much he didn't want to leave. Now Mr. Stickels is considering buying a Baja for himself.

The funny thing was that while Matthew was in the back of the Baja, two folks came out and saw him there, started talking to him and going through it. By the time they were done, they bought the Baja instead of a used pickup we had on the lot.

This kid is one great salesman!

John Rhys Eddins
Big Valley Subaru, Van Nuys, CA

Saucy Subaru

Our family has owned Subaru wagons (Legacy and Outback) since 1995, and after many years of admiring (and coveting) my car, my parents and sister now drive Subaru wagons. We have taken our cars hiking, biking, kayaking and hauling stuff all across the northeastern United States.

Tomato sauce is the essence of life to most Italians, and my parents are no exception. This year's tomato harvest truly tested the limits of their Outback wagon. Eighteen crates of plum tomatoes made three hours of highway driving without any complications. Not one tomato was squeezed before its time. Amazing!

Now we can say Subaru has the sauciest wagon around!

Angela Cardinali
Williamstown, MA

At Your Service

The Dallas Fire-Rescue Department has the unique honor of boasting of a 2003 Subaru Forester for the Arson and Fire Investigation Division Accelerant Detection Canine Unit. The vehicle is provided by Subaru of Dallas and is striped and decaled to match the fire fleet. It has red lights and canine guards and equipment cabinet in the interior.

The K-9 and vehicle have attended many large events in and around the Dallas metroplex. It has been on the news and in the papers. We have special trading cards and information about this unique canine and her vehicle.

D. L. Mullins, Section Chief
Arson and Fire Investigation,
Dallas Fire-Rescue Department, TX

WRX - What Senior Wouldn't Want One?

I love my WRX. I get stopped all the time by men who ask if I know what I have "under the hood." Then they say, "You have an automatic transmission, don't you?" I reply, "No. Who would want that with this kind of car? I have a stick shift." That really gets them! I love to "turn heads."

Mary Larsen finds her WRX is the best medicine for seniors.

The ad with Lance Armstrong and "my car" just recently appeared in our area on TV, and I immediately thought how great it would be if a 73-year-old woman could wave to him and "take off."

Maybe not too many of the mature generation have a son who likes sports cars and would recommend a WRX to their mom! Mine did, and I am so glad I listened.

Thanks, Subaru, for making this possible, and tell Lance, "Hi."

P.S.: I kiddingly say that my WRX is a great preventive for Alzheimer's: You don't just "sit and steer." You have to work the clutch, shift, brake, steer, check side and rearview mirrors and, oh, yes, observe the posted speed.

Mary Larsen
Tijeras, NM

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