Winter 2005 Forward to a Friend

HomeLink transmitters are available for most 2005 Subaru vehicles. The HomeLink controls now combine with the auto-dimming mirror and compass in an accessory option.

Three HomeLink transmitter buttons are mounted on the underside of the inside rearview mirror frame, along with the controls for the auto-dimming mirror function and the compass. Each HomeLink button can be programmed to activate one of your home’s radio-frequency-controlled systems, such as garage doors and security gates – almost any system for which you now carry a remote transmitter.

HomeLink technology helps to provide enhanced security, efficiency and convenience benefits.


Use HomeLink to turn on home lights and unlock doors remotely from the safety of the vehicle. Just as with the transmitter you now use, HomeLink can be operated at a distance from your home.

Efficiency and Usefulness

HomeLink transmitters are designed to be universally compatible with transmitters that utilize radio frequencies for their operations. Programming HomeLink to replace the remote transmitters for garage door openers, lighting systems, security systems and other functions from most major manufacturers centralizes the controls in one easy-to-use unit integrated into your vehicle’s interior.


With HomeLink, you now utilize only one device to do the work of multiple remotes. The need for separate remotes for a gate and a door is eliminated, which simplifies the vehicle’s interior.

In addition, the new HomeLink/compass/mirror is available as an accessory option for older Subaru vehicles as well. It will fit any vehicle for which the compass/mirror accessory option was previously available. Call your dealer for applicability.