Winter 2005 Forward to a Friend

SUBARU OWNER LISA MARKLEY believes that great music starts with a great song. And it definitely helps to have a reliable band-mobile to get you to the stage on time.

The Malvinas’ second album is “Love, Hope and Transportation.”
Lisa is a banjo-playing, guitar-strumming vocalist and songwriter for a folk trio called The Malvinas. The band delivers a feisty blend of jazz, traditional and folk-pop music to loyal fans throughout North America. The trio is named after singer, songwriter and social activist Malvina Reynolds (1900-1978), whose culturally and politically charged songs focused on women’s and workers’ rights, social justice and the environment.

“We are scattered across North America,” Lisa says. “I live in Dallas; Gina Forsyth, our fiddle player, lives in New Orleans; and Beth Cahill, our mandolin/tenor guitar player, lives in Wakefield, Quebec. Needless to say, every gig together is an extended tour.”

Lisa’s 2001 Forester handles the trips and hauls the gear with ease.

Lisa Markley says that her Forester’s efficiency is a plus “for those of us traveling on folk-music wages.”

“This summer my bandmates and I met in St. Louis and toured our way through Chicago to Montreal and down through Vermont,” Lisa says. “We fit three guitars, one tenor guitar, two fiddles, two mandolins, a banjo, an amplifier, a pedal board, a few hundred CDs, an ice chest and three granola-eating, Birkenstock-wearing musicians in my Subaru.

“Anything or anyone not worthy of air conditioning, such as luggage or a passenger with a grumpy attitude, is placed in our roof cargo carrier.”

Lisa appreciates her Forester. “Besides hauling like an SUV, we can fit into the compact spaces in the parking lots, and it’s reliable. We’re musicians – not mechanics – so reliability is most important.”

Lisa uses her Forester primarily for touring and travel. “We try not to use the Subaru for daily commuting,” Lisa says. “My husband takes the bus, and I walk to work. We prefer to save our miles for the long road trips and give the environment a break.”

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