Winter 2005 Forward to a Friend

Your Turn Letters from our Readers

The Right Call

My wife, Kathy, is an emergency medical technician with our local volunteer fire department. Obviously, she doesn’t use our 2002 Forester to transport victims or patients. However, its reliability gives her one less thing to worry about en route to the fire station or scene at any hour – all in less than three minutes.

When we were shopping for a new car, Kathy told me, “You pick it out – as long as it has either 4-wheel or all-wheel drive, is easy to drive around in, and it had better be dependable!”

After some research, I chose the Forester S. She never drove a Subaru until we took delivery. I think I can say with all honesty, I made the right call. It’s a blast to drive, and you have no buttons to push or shifter levers to engage when the snow has drifted in the driveway or the road to the fire station.

Paul Justy
Grafton, OH

Wow! Now That’s a Fish!

I have a picture of a Subaru “fish” on our Web site – It’s the Outback Angler-mobile that we see up here in the Northwest. To see it on the site, go to “Live Webcam Action” and then to “Local Catch Photo Library.” The car is one of the photos. (Hint: It’s number 55 of 67.)

Also, I wanted to tell you I really love my Baja. It’s bright yellow. Can’t wait to get another one that has the turbo engine.

Tillamook, OR

Outback Angler’s a-luring Subaru fish.

Adventure Drive

For the second year in a row, my 2001 Subaru Outback Sport has proudly hauled people and gear for teams participating in Subaru Primal Quest Adventure Races. This year, my Sport was the ultimate bike vehicle, carrying four mountain bikes, four kick bikes and a team member’s race box from San Francisco to Seattle and back.

An Outback Sport carries crew members to Primal Quest.

When I bought my vehicle three years ago, I was “driven” by the desire to spend my winters skiing and not having to put on snow chains. Now I have come to realize my Sport has the same flexibility, endurance and “drive” that adventure racers have. Thank you Subaru for making such a great family of vehicles and being a major part of adventure racing.

Karen Bosko
Crew member for, winners of 2004 Subaru Primal Quest Sportsmanship Award and proud Subaru owner

Part of the Firefighting Fleet

The department began using a Forester in 2003 as the Arson K-9 Unit vehicle, and even the fire marshal was assigned a Forester in 2004.

Fuel efficiency is amazing. We often have to leave the vehicle running all day to maintain a comfortable climate, as it is the kennel for our K-9. The engine never overheats; the interior temperature stays extremely cool; and fuel use is unnoticeable.

The excellent safety rating and all-wheel drive are also very important to us because the vehicle transports our valuable Arson K-9, Ashly. We provide emergency response 24/7 – in heavy traffic and in all weather and terrain. This vehicle easily transports all of our firefighting gear, scene and evidence collection equipment as well as K-9 equipment and supplies, leaving the entire back seat as a kennel area that converts to seating for personnel transport.

We have installed lights, sirens, K-9 alarm, lighting and radio equipment. The vehicle’s design lends to easy installations. The Forester handles all with ease.

D. L. MULLINS, Section Chief
Dallas Fire-Rescue Department
Dallas, TX

Family Car Wash
Stokes Danell keeps it clean!

We love our 2002 Subaru Outback so much. We are already teaching our 13-month-old son, Stokes, the importance of keeping the family Subaru clean! Who knows, he may be driving it someday!

Allison, Ryan and Stokes Danell
Greenville, NC

Follow-up Report

In 2002 we purchased an Outback and turned it into one of the few police cars of its kind in the United States. We shared our story in the summer 2002 Drive magazine.

I’m back to report our first high-speed chase using it: On a Sunday evening, two murder suspects were driving toward our little town. I jumped in the Outback and participated in pursuit.

Our little Outback chased those suspects for 95 miles at speeds over 105 mph and still had more to give. We went through roads that were dry and some with heavy rain. The Outback kept on going while the other cars had to watch for hydroplaning. I was called off after the 95 miles with the gas light coming on. Not bad, considering I started with less than half a tank.

And, yes, the bad guys were caught and taken to jail!

David Szambelan
Asst. Chief of Police
Colfax Police Department, WA

An Outback used for high-speed pursuit.

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