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Restoring Our World With
Larry Allan
Larry Allan established Preserve our Wildlife, a nonprofit organization that educates people on the need for the protection and defense of all wild animal species and the preservation of their habitats. Its Web site features his stunning photography, which you’ve probably seen in magazines, on calendars and greeting cards, in movies and more.

Larry’s work also illustrates 14 wildlife books, including two series of books written by his wife, Jalma Barrett: Wildcats of North America and Wild Canines of North America (Blackbirch Press).

Larry and Jalma purchased a Subaru Forester in 2002. Its reasonable size was one determining factor. “My wife – who is 5 feet 2 inches – had difficulty getting in and out of our Land Rover, so we downsized,” Larry said.

The pair find their Forester comfortable, easy to drive and dependable. “We’ve crossed the entire United States three times in it, and it has performed flawlessly – not to mention many, many side trips into not-so-friendly territory,” he said. “We need a vehicle that can take us safely off road – so all-wheel-drive is essential to us. And, of course, there has to be plenty of room for my photographic gear,” he added.

Cougar© Larry Allan 2005

Larry’s Forester frequently doubles as a photographic blind. “Many wild animals readily accept the presence of a vehicle where they wouldn’t accept a person, so we often photograph from inside the Forester,” Larry said.

Among his many awards and accomplishments, Larry recently won the Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award for superlative use of still photography to further environmental awareness. “It was a euphoric experience,” he said. “I’m both proud of this honor and delighted. I hope my efforts will help keep wild animals in our lives. We need to continue to share this earth with as many species as possible.”

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