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Outback in the Snow
What to do in a Skid

Although your Subaru vehicle has Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, your vehicle may still skid. AWD does NOT prevent skidding. As your Owner?s Manual tells you about winter driving, ?To prevent skidding and slipping, avoid sudden braking, abrupt acceleration, high-speed driving and sharp turning when driving on snowy or icy roads.? We would add wet roads to that list, too.

No matter where you live, skidding and slipping are possible. Knowing what to do in a skid will help to reduce damage and/or injury.

We?ve all learned to turn in the direction of a skid to straighten out the vehicle. The natural reaction of the vehicle is to continue swinging like a pendulum past the point of traveling straight ahead ? to start skidding to the opposite side. Be prepared to compensate for that motion, too.


Blades for Winter

Specially designed wiper blades help your Subaru vehicle face winter’s rain, sleet, snow and ice. The Subaru winter blades have steel superstructures for added strength and durability. The wiping edges are made of the highest quality rubber, and the rubber-booted blades help reduce snow- and ice-clogging.
Subaru Winter Wiper Blade
Best of all, since Subaru makes these wiper blades, you know they’ll be easy to install and they’ll fit perfectly.


Put Your Cell Phone on ICE

ICEBritish paramedic Bob Brotchie conceived the idea of asking cell phone users to input entries into their cellular address books called ICE for “In Case of Emergency.” ICE would include the phone number of a key contact or next of kin. It would tell Emergency Response Teams who to contact immediately should something happen to the owner of the phone – providing valuable information to paramedics about allergies, illnesses and/or handicaps.

Resulting from the terrorist bombings in London, ICE usage now is encouraged by American paramedics. Designate not only one contact but ICE2 and ICE3 just in case the first contact is unreachable. Adding ICE to your cell phone only takes a few minutes, but it saves valuable time when an Emergency Medical Technician needs to reach someone close to you.


Keeping it Straight

WRX TireThe importance of correct wheel balance and alignment cannot be overstated. Even though each wheel was correctly balanced and your vehicle was aligned properly when it was new, normal wear and rough road surfaces can affect both. Wheel imbalance causes the steering wheel to vibrate slightly at certain speeds and detracts from straight-line stability. Left unbalanced, these wheels can cause steering and suspension system problems as well as abnormal and premature tire wear.

The same is true of incorrect alignment.

Have your wheels checked for balance and alignment on a regular basis by your Subaru dealer, especially if you notice abnormal tire wear.


Legacy Guages

Illumination Brightness Control

Subaru vehicles with electroluminescent instrumentation show the level of brightness for those instruments in the trip meter display area. When you see messages such as “ILL. 2” or “ILL. 6,” that indicates the level at which illumination brightness is set.

Brightness can be adjusted by turning the wheel to the left of the mirror control on the dash panel. To brighten, move up the wheel; to darken, move down the wheel. The level of brightness is shown in six steps, from ILL. 1 to ILL. 6.

Since the electroluminescent instrumentation is lit all the time, please remember to turn on your headlamps in low light.


Second Row Seat

The Subaru B9 Tribeca?s second-row seat slides fore and aft up to 7.8 inches for more-than-ample legroom ? more than any other crossover SUV in its class.

In 5-Passenger models, pull up the lever in front of the seats for full adjustment.

In 7-Passenger models, pull up the lever in front of the seats for partial adjustment. Then you can pull up the lever along with pulling out the orange safety lock on the side of the seat to slide back the seat fully. Just be careful not to trap the legs of passengers sitting in the third-row seat.
B9 Tribec Seats