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A Bolt from the Blue

A Bolt from the Blue

We are not the first owners of our 2001 Forester but have loved it since day one of our ownership.

This past Saturday as we drove back home from eastern Oregon on I-84, we heard an enormous explosion. A large bolt hit our windshield. There was traffic way up ahead of us and no overhead traffic. I did notice a diesel pickup hauling a sailboat on a trailer going in the opposite direction, but the workman who replaced the windshield didn’t think the bolt came from any of those rigs.

We found it stunning how the bolt was stopped from entering the vehicle.
   ~ John Christensen
      Canby, OR

WRX Space Fob
Key Fob

I follow the NASA space missions and found this about the current mission:

“I’m taking two items – I’m allowed two – one of them is the gear-shift knob off of my son’s 1969 Camaro that he and I did as a restoration project,” said mission ­specialist Joe Tanner. “So, I am taking that as a tribute to the work that he and I did together. And the other item is a key fob for my other son’s car – he’s got a Subaru WRX – and I gave him this key fob for Christmas.” [from]

Mr. Tanner didn’t have to mention it was a Subaru, but anyone that owns one feels the need to let people know what a great vehicle a Subaru can be.
   ~ Charles Dostale
      Davenport, IA


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Miscalculation – Microns, Millimeters, and Inches

Thanks to the many readers who pointed out an error in one of our mathematical conversions (“Genuine Subaru Replacement Parts,” Fall 2006). In the story, we misstated that “one millimeter equals 39.37 microns.” We should have said that one millimeter equals 39.37 thousandths of an inch (0.03937 inches).

One reader wrote, “Fortunately for us consumers, editors do not design cars; your engineers do, and do it well.” We agree!

Missouri and the War Between the States

While I loved your Summer 2006 issue, it had a significant error: “Missouri saw the fourth greatest numbers of battles during the Civil War.” Actually, Missouri was third, following Virginia and Tennessee.


It wasn’t a Civil War, either. Technically, it should be considered “The War Between the States.”

You are correct when you say Missouri had the most battles when guerilla ­actions are factored in. I thank you for finally ­giving Missouri credit for the historical “significance” it played during the war.

   ~ Greg Bishop
      Forest Grove, OR

Snow covered car
Terecia Burgess and her Forester were prepared for the uncharacteristic snowfall in Corpus Christi, Texas, on Christmas Eve, 2004.

Holiday Snow in Corpus Christi

In December 2004, I was in Corpus Christi visiting my parents’ home for Christmas. We had a very rare treat that Christmas Eve. We had four inches of snow – more than all of the previously recorded snowfalls combined.

Though the highways and farm-to-market roads were thick with snow, my 1999 Forester and I were able to safely make our way home to Houston.
   ~ Terecia Burgess
      Houston, TX