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Lifeguard Forester

Here’s a photo of a new Forester on lifeguard duty in beautiful Coronado, California. The text at the bottom of the doors states: “Subaru of America, sponsor of the City of Coronado Fire Dept.”

Kudos to SOA.

– Andrew Wagner, San Diego, CA

The vehicle in the photograph is one of four fully equipped lifeguard patrol vehicles. Subaru of America, Inc. sponsored the City of Coronado by providing the vehicles at no cost. The Forester was chosen after the Baja [see Subaru News in Winter 2005 Drive] as it is a 2009, fully redesigned model and the best choice for a beach patrol vehicle.

– Aaron D. Wonders, Lifeguard Sergeant, City of Coronado, CA

Celebration Day

It’s a great day for celebration, and here she is – my 2003 Subaru Legacy L all dressed up!

I bought her with one mile, and after seven years she has reached 100,000. Looks brand new doesn’t it?

Subaru Legacy L

Needless to say, she has taken me so many places: From the snow in Detroit – including my honeymoon at Mackinac Island – to the sunny and sometimes very rainy beaches in Jacksonville, Florida. She has a couple of bruises here and there, but runs and handles like a dream.

Everyone I see, I tell them what a wonderful car Subaru makes. Someday my wife and I hope to have a baby, and we can’t wait until we can buy another Subaru.

– Todd Eltschlager, Jacksonville, FL

Legacy Template

Legacy SE Wagon

My 2006 Legacy SE Wagon is my second Legacy Wagon. (I had a 2003 that I loved, but when I saw the redesign, I had to make the switch.) It’s sporty, fun, versatile, dependable, and, above all, the design is stunning.

Over the last couple years, I have been rebuilding a 1974 Yamaha TX500 motorcycle. When it came to paint and overall aesthetics, I used my Legacy as a template: Subaru radiant silver paint, clean lines, five-point alloy wheels.

– David A. Lamberti, Berkley, MI

Family Gathering


I would love for you to post this picture in Drive magazine to share our love for our Subaru vehicles with other readers!

Our family is spread out over mountains, deserts, and the western coast. Get-togethers always include lots of travel and lots of adventure. Our Subaru vehicles make this possible; they are a part of our family!

Our families live in Vallejo, California; Redmond, Oregon; Dayton, Nevada; Scotts Valley, California; and Orange County, California. We enjoy camping, outrigger canoeing, road biking, mountain biking, and general adventuring.

– Tory Gaba, Vallejo, CA

Tribeca on High

Llama next to a Tribeca

I am the owner of the only Subaru Tribeca in Bolivia, South America.

I share with you this wonderful picture taken at Lake Titicaca. The lake is one of the highest commercially navigable lakes in the world (about 12,000 feet above the sea level). Next to the Tribeca you will see a beautiful llama.

Thanks Subaru for the great and safe cars that you build. My Tribeca takes me and my family to very exotic destinations in this different part of the world.

– Rodrigo Campuzano

Online Exclusive


Over the River and Through the Woods

Christmas trees on Subaru vehicles

My wife, Meegan, and I are on our third Subaru – we currently have a 2008 Outback Limited as well as a 2002 Outback. I recently sold my 1993 Legacy Wagon that had 200,000 miles on it and was running smoothly – we just needed something a little more up to date in the safety arena (and replaced it with the 2008).

We aren’t the only ones in our family with a passion for Subaru vehicles. Every year we get together at my parents’ place for Thanksgiving along with my sister, parents-in-law, brother, and sister-in law. All have their own Subaru Outbacks. Part of the holiday tradition is to cut Christmas trees from the forested land my parents live on. It is a great way to have a family tradition as well as help to restore the forest’s health.

Eric Odell
Fort Collins, CO