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Through funding from the Subaru of America Foundation, the Subaru Center for Learning continues the Garden State Discovery Museum’s mission, which is to create a hands-on world for students, families, and young children to learn about math, science, literature, music, art, and history. “Subaru Center for Learning helps enable parts of that by giving us strong, science-based exhibits,” proclaimed Kelly Lyons, museum director.

Subaru Center for Learning

The Subaru Center for Learning was originally designed as a resource tool for teachers, including lesson plans that meet the New Jersey core content standards and museum and library resources for classroom use. This not-for-profit branch of the museum provides programs that benefit teachers, schools, museum visitors, and community members.

Subaru Science Shop

The newest addition to this center is the Subaru Science Shop. This innovative resource allows teachers to experience examples of how to teach science in an interactive way. The hands-on science exhibit enables teachers to see different techniques to teach scientific principles. It focuses on physical science and includes velocity, Newton’s laws, heat, sound vibrations, and air pressure. The exhibit engages young people and encourages them to interact with engineering, and it is the perfect way to connect with future engineers.

The Science Shop offers lesson plans that meet the New Jersey core content standards along with objectives for each activity.

Subaru Drive-in Garage

In addition, the museum features the Subaru Drive-in Garage. It features a cutaway Outback where kids can see how a motor works. The exhibit allows kids to explore by removing and replacing the tires and sitting in the vehicle. The kids also can view the evolution of models from the first Subaru to the current lineup.

The area also hosts digital picture frames that show the Subaru factories and vehicle assembly. This engaging exhibit promotes engineering technology.

About the Museum

Approximately 150,000 students are reached in South New Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia with the Garden State Discovery Museum’s efforts. Science is front and center in the Subaru Center for Learning, while it is usually subtle in other exhibits. These pieces are all about science and how we use it every day. “Subaru has done great things for us and the community by enabling us to have these things here,” stated Kelly Lyons.

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